Newshub Nation: Marama Davidson defends Green's ability to enact change after Labour's policy bonfire

Green Co-Leader Marama Davidson stands by the importance of getting her party back into Parliament ahead of the Green's 'State of the Planet' speech on Sunday. 

Davidson said before the election,"people can expect to see more green solutions to living with dignity, to protecting our climate, as we always have done."

Newshub Nation: Marama Davidson defends Green's ability to enact change after Labour's policy bonfire

Davidson pointed to excess bank profits, which the Greens have been vocal about imposing a windfall tax on. 

"We know the banks are creaming it right now," she said.

"It is only the Greens who have asked for an excess profits tax so that people can live with dignity and we can protect our planet."

Pressed to reveal a specific policy, Davidson said Newshub Nation would have to wait for "what we're sharing with Aotearoa."

Asked whether the Greens have any leverage if they can’t credibly threaten to join a coalition with National, Davidson said her party will negotiate with anyone provided climate is the priority.  

"Any political party that wants to negotiate with us at all after the election will have to come to the table with strong action on climate change and policies that ensure that everyone can live with dignity, not just some." 

However, it remains unlikely the Greens would team up with National or ACT.

"Right now you've got Judith Collins wanting to keep on with fossil fuels and oil and gas exploration," she said.

"You've got climate denial coming from Maurine Pugh. You've got so many examples of why a National and ACT government would be the worst thing for our planet and for people right now."

"The Greens are really clear. It is us in Parliament who we need to see more of for those solutions."

Davidson stood by the claim that "we've got stuff done even as a minor party."

A recent poll saw climate change ranked as the number one priority for only 12 percent of Kiwis, whilst the cost of living was the number one priority for almost 50 percent, but Davidson maintains that the Greens' policy will tackle both issues. 

"They are connected issues," she said. 

"The Greens will continue as we always have to prioritize climate change. The weather we've got right now is at 1.3 degrees, imagine that at two or three degrees. The lowest income households, disabled people, coastal communities will struggle the most. We have to do both and we always have."

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