Newshub Nation: Political panel discusses Nash, the economy, and cyclone-recovery

Newshub Nation's political panel sat down on Saturday to discuss the hot-button topics of the week that has been. 

On the panel was former National leader Simon Bridges, AUT business professor Ella Henry and Jenée Tibshraeny from the NZ Herald.

Asked whether emails that led to Stuart Nash's downfall were deliberately hidden or not, Bridges said he "had no idea really". 

However, he added, "once the guy is politically dead, stop kicking the body".

"Most New Zealanders would have moved on," Bridges said, before alluding to other larger issues across the country. 

Henry referenced Shakespeare and said the affair was "much ado about nothing". 

She does believe that "MPs need a lot more training and mentoring and support, particularly moving into ministerial roles".

"This is another example of inappropriate use of the responsibilities and power that come with Cabinet," Henry said. 

Tibshraeny believes there is cause for worry about the transparency behind the issue.

"Every journalist will be looking at this situation and wondering 'what else has been blocked out when you've made a request under the Official Information Act?'."

She said the Nash affair "doesn't instil much confidence, in the media at least."

Tibshraeny has found it interesting that National has sought to make this a systemic issue within Parliament. 

Watch the full video for more. 

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