Hamish Brewer: How to fix New Zealand's education system

  • 13/05/2023

What's going wrong in New Zealand's education system will be a political battleground issue this year.

Major policy announcements have already been made to try to stem falling attendance rates and address declining literacy standards.

Hamish Brewer is known as the "relentless principal" - a Kiwi who's been turning around some of the US' toughest schools.

He told Newshub Nation the actual work that 

needed to be done to improve the education system was being avoided. 

"I think we have to advocate and amplify for the voices of our teachers, for our leaders [and] for our principals to ensure they have the opportunity to do what they do best - which is teach," he said.

"We need to trust them to do the work that they need to do."

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