Newshub Nation panel: Commentators agree Freedoms NZ doesn't have a serious shot at parliament in 2023 election

Newshub Nation's political panel dove into election year predictions with the news on Saturday that Freedoms NZ will be absorbing more smaller parties under their umbrella

Stuff political reporter Thomas Manch says we shouldn't take Freedoms NZ seriously, referring to Destiny Church's previous failed forays into the political world as examples of why. 

An example of their lack of organisation came through when, on Saturday morning, the Outdoors party announced it would be joining the Freedoms NZ umbrella before it was officially announced by Freedoms NZ at their official ceremony. 

Former Labour candidate and political commentator Josie Pagani said the whole situation reminded her of a Monty Python sketch. 

"Wait for all the factional fights," she said.

"It doesn't feel serious."

However, she did admit that the upcoming election would "be one of small parties" but added, "this isn't going to be one of them".

Former Defence Minister and Carterton Mayor Ron Mark simply said: "Brian is Brian. He will never change."

Mark said Freedoms NZ's attempt at Parliament is "about Brian, it's about Brian more than anything".

Other parties coming under the Freedoms NZ banner will "learn, like everybody else that has attempted to deal with Mr Tamaki, that he sees his way and it doesn't surprise me that he makes announcements without consulting with other people", Mark said. 

The panel then went on to discuss their predictions for election 2023.

Watch their full lively discussion in the video above. 

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