Newshub Nation: Sudanese Kiwis call for equal visa treatment to Ukrainians

Sudanese Kiwis with whānau in Sudan say they feel scared for them and are calling on help from the New Zealand Government.

Newshub Nation's Finn Hogan visited one such family in Auckland, the Bashirs, whose aunties, uncles and cousins - still in Sudan - are trying to flee the fighting.

On April 15, civil war broke out in Sudan's capital Khartoum. Now, hundreds are dead. 

Even before the recent clashes, Sudan was facing extreme weather shocks, social and political unrest and rising food prices. 

Now, the UN has warned of an exodus of 800,000 people from the civil war-stricken country. 

"When you see those numbers and statistics of deaths every day, that's someone's family member and it easily could have been ours," Abdulrahman Bashir said.

Whatsapp is the family's only means of contact, but Mohammed Bashir said often "we just can't get through". 

"It's very worrying that we can't get hold of them," he said. 

Mohammed said he has heard "in some parts of the capital you can walk around and just find dead bodies. 

"There is no food, they've lost power and water. A lot of people have passed away because they can't get immediate medical aid."

While their family has now fled from Khartoum, where the majority of the fighting is happening, the Bashirs are calling on the New Zealand Government to "step up".

Abdulrahman wants the Government to "acknowledge the crisis really for what it is and the extent of the deterioration that we're seeing". 

He said he feels "survivor's guilt and that privilege being so far away.

"We wish we could bring our families over here to have that same privilege."

While the scale of the conflicts is different, the Bashirs are hoping for a similar visa pathway for the family of Sudanese Kiwis that the Government has already offered to Ukrainians. 

"There's not a single person here who doesn't have family affected," said Abdulrahman, "so we just hope for safety. 

"Just like the Government moved very swiftly in terms of their response to the Ukraine crisis, we want equality of Government discretion in how they support different crises around the world."

As the war in Sudan continues, time is running out.

"In all honesty, we feel insanely helpless right now," Abdulrahman said.

"They've shown support for other nations," Mohammed added.

"They need to show support for Sudan."

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