Can an electric car handle the vastness of Australia?

  • 21/03/2017
  • Sponsored by - Tesla

Tesla mania is mounting with the country’s first retail store due to open on Auckland’s Karangahape Rd in a few months, but is the future of New Zealand really electric?

Electric vehicle acolytes will tell you that the biggest obstacles have already been solved. Electric vehicles are going further, faster and more reliably than ever. With 80% of country’s electricity coming from renewables, carbon free roads are just around the corner.

The naysayers will tell you that most EVs are still too expensive and simply trade carbon pollution for battery pollution. The battery raw materials are sourced from highly toxic mines and cannot currently be recycled efficiently.

To find answers, Michael Hardcastle flew across the ditch to where Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, is busy making bold promises to fix South Australia’s current energy crisis.

Along with a friend, he went in search of signs that the electric vehicle revolution is the real deal.

Michael Hardcastle travelled from Sydney to Canberra return in a Model S, courtesy of Tesla