Auckland Marathon runners inspired by ABs' determination

Auckland Marathon runners inspired by ABs' determination

Around 12,500 runners watched the start of the Rugby World Cup final match on a big screen this morning, but they then had to drag themselves away to compete in the Auckland Marathon.

It was still dark when the crowds gathered. Bleary eyed, and with a 42-kilometre run ahead of them, the All Black fans soon had something to cheer about.

They took in the first half on a specially set up big screen.

But with 20 minutes left to play and the All Blacks leading by 11 points, the runners had to set off, excited by the game.

Out on the road they didn't have to wait long to find that extra edge. Some runners had iPads live-streaming the games strapped to their backs.

All Black fans helped cheer the runners on. Those who had opted to run the half-marathon were able to wait until the final whistle before making it out of the starting blocks.

Numbers were down 4000 because of the conflicting events.

In the end Aaron Pulford was first through the tape, while Katie Kemp took out the women's race.

It was a good day to be a winner, although today every New Zealander had that feeling.

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