Video: BMX rider Jones named in NZ Olympic team

  • 10/06/2016

BMX rider Trent Jones has been named in the New Zealand Olympic team, but he would've had a career in a different sport if his parent's had their way.

Jones, 21, is named after a famous golf architect and said his father originally hoped to direct him towards swinging a club.

"My parents have a golf course building company, Dad is very involved with golf, so with that being said, he was hoping to get a golfer out of that," Jones laughed.

"Trent Jones is a famous golf course architect and that's where the name originated from and sadly I chose BMX.

"Money would be nice, obviously golf is well known for that, but chasing a white ball around a hole isn't really adrenaline filled. I'm more of an action sport person."

Jones has taken over as the country's leading male BMX rider since the retirement of Beijing and London Olympian Marc Willers.

He has moved rapidly up the world rankings since moving to the United States 18 months ago.