Men's four waiting on IOC ruling

Men's four waiting on IOC ruling

By Michelle Pickles

Rowing New Zealand is applauding the decision by the court of arbitration for sport to up-hold the IAAF's ban on Russian track and field athletes.

CEO Simon Petterson is hoping the news will lead to a quick decision around a blanket ban for Russia's entire Olympic programme which would allow the men's four to compete at the games.

"It's the uncertainty that's hurting right now," said Petterson.

"There's a lot of talk will it go this way or that way when will it happen, actually what we need is a decision and some leadership from our international body who I must say I've been very impressed with."

While the IOC has indicated they won't make a decision either way until Monday, Rowing's governing body FISA called a meeting of all the International bodies yesterday to discuss the possibility of bans from individual sports.

"FISA as in international federation have the power to do that and make that decision themselves and they are well aware of New Zealand's request for a quick decision around both Russia being in or out and will the quota position then be allocated to those countries next in line such as ourselves."

If Rowing New Zealand get's the word then everything has been set in place to get the team to Rio as fast as possible.

Two of the rowers are in Switzerland as back up to the men's eight and are booked to fly to Rio on Tuesday, while the two remaining rowers are booked to leave NZ on Tuesday.

And Rowing NZ says the Court of Arbitration's decision to uphold the IAAF's ban, coupled with the bans on Belarussian and Romanian athletes by the International Canoe Sprint Federation could bode well.

"They're all concerned about making a decision and then having legal ramifications and I think the CAS decision last night will give them increased confidence.  

"The canoe fed decision will give them increased confidence and there's a lot of precedence now that would allow other federations to make strong decisions."

Time is the key for the men's four as the start time  for their programme begins in 16 days.


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