Video: Bubba Watson tests Kiwi-developed jetpack caddy

  • 20/07/2016
Watson gets amongst the pines in his 'jetpack caddy' (Youtube)
Watson gets amongst the pines in his 'jetpack caddy' (Youtube)

Eccentric golfer Bubba Watson has partnered with some Kiwi engineers to produce a uniquely innovative method of making his way around the links.

One of the American's main sponsors Oakley has collaborated with Martin Aircraft Company to create 'Bubba's Jetpack', a development three years in the making.

Watson recently put the contraption through its paces at the Methven Golf Club in the South Island.


The invention is intended to commemorate the debut of golf as an Olympic sport later this year in Rio.

"For the first time in 112 years, golf is part of the Olympics. That's a big deal," said Watson.

"So what better time to introduce something exciting for the future of our game."

The 'caddy' allows the golfer to get a bird's eye view of the lay of the hole and its potential hazards, capable of reaching speeds of 74 km/h and climbing to over 900m.