Rising Kiwi skier Nico Porteous gets Red Bull backing

One of New Zealand's most promising young skiers has secured some high-powered support, signing on with Red Bull at just 14-years-old.

Nico Porteous received the call-up in glamorous fashion high in the Southern Alps, although he had no idea it was coming.

Porteous thought he was heading up to Minaret Station in Wanaka to see Australian skier Russ Henshaw.

Little did he know he know a new sponsored ski helmet was hidden in the snow for him.

He is a kid with it all ahead of him, so while this is a surprise, it really shouldn't be considering the success he's having.

Last month, Porteous became the youngest in the world and first ever Kiwi to land a Triple Cork 1440 at Cardrona.

The Red Bull backing will help him as he builds towards his goal of appearing at the 2018 Winter Olympics.