Joseph Parker-Andy Ruiz WBO fight to be held in New Zealand

Parker will fight Andy Ruiz on December 10 (Getty image)
Parker will fight Andy Ruiz on December 10 (Getty image)

The WBO Heavyweight title fight between Joseph Parker and Andy Ruiz will take place in New Zealand on December 10, Ruiz's promoter Bob Arum confirmed Thursday morning (NZT).

A press conference is set to take place in Las Vegas on Sunday (NZT) to announce that the fight will take place in Auckland. However Arum confirmed to Newshub on Thursday that the promoters made it over the line on Thursday morning.

"They’ve kept assuring me that they would somehow raise the money [to do the fight] through sponsorship or whatever," he said from Las Vegas.

"They informed me this morning that that had been done so we're going to announce on Saturday in the US that the fight will be held in Auckland, New Zealand on December 10."

There has been speculation surrounding the fight after Duco admitted it would struggle to fund the fight without Government support. And when drawn on how Duco are funding the fight, Arum said that, for him, that information wasn't important.

"No that’s up to them and is not my business.

"My business is to bring my fighter Andy Ruiz into New Zealand in the best possible shape that he could be in".

Arum said he was sure from the start that it was going to happen in New Zealand and he's looking forward to seeing Joseph Parker at his best.

"I know Joe Parker is a dedicated athlete and he's training here in Las Vegas. I talked to Kevin Barry this morning and he thinks Parker will be at his best so it should be a great fight.

"Im not surprised at all because I met with Dean Lonergan and his partner David Higgins in Beverly Hills a few weeks ago and I saw that they were no nonsense guys, guys that wouldn’t quit, rugby players which says a lot.

"I was sure they were able to pull it off."

Despite the fight being confirmed, Duco spokesperson Craig Stanaway said that they were still working on a deal.

"Nothing is confirmed. it's a work n progress".

Meanwhile, Eden Park's CEO Guy Ngata refused to confirm or deny reports that the fight would be held at the venue.

"It's up to Duco to make the announcement. We wouldn't make one either way".

Recent reports suggested that Duco was prepared to do what it took to keep the fight in New Zealand, including taking a loss.