Usain Bolt will not defend his 200 metre title in London, admits motivation a factor in retirement

Bolt after winning gold in Rio (Getty image)
Bolt after winning gold in Rio (Getty image)

Usain Bolt has announced that he will not defend his 200m title at the 2017 world championships in London at the premiere of his new documentary I Am Bolt.

Bolt won individual gold medals in the 100 metres and 200 metres at the 2016 Rio Olympics but said that the stress to compete in all three events was a factor in the decision.

"The workload I had leading up to the Olympics and even at the 2015 world championships meant there was so much pressure and stress that it just wasn't fun anymore," Bolt said.

"But now that the pressure is gone I'm much more relaxed and happy to go to training because I know it's not going to be so intense anymore."

While Bolt said he struggled to get out of bed earlier in the year before adjusting back to the rigours of competition, he said his competitive edge hadn't diminished.

"I never want to lose - even in a simple board game.

"I'm always going to be prepared no matter how much I relax I am still a competitor. I'm still never going to lose."

In an interesting twist to the 30-year-old's career, Bolt, who is a keen football fan, announced he'd agreed to train with football side Borussia Dortmund but not until the 2017-18 season.

"It's something I always wanted to try to see if I was any good at. I will do a little training to see whether I am worthy."

I Am Bolt premieres in New Zealand on Wednesday.