Video: Sarah Walker swapping bike for Super Saloon at Western Springs

Olympic silver medallist Sarah Walker is an accomplished BMX rider and will be focusing on track cycling ahead of the Commonwealth games in the Gold Coast, but before that she has one more thing to achieve.

The 28-year old is preparing to drive a 700 horsepower super saloon in a Celebrity race at Western Springs in February.

Walker will be one of 24 drivers competing in the event, which will feature some of the biggest names in New Zealand motorsport including Greg Murphy, Paul Radisich and ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett.

Walker is excited about facing some big names in what could be a very competitive race.

“It’s definitely going to be challenging to come out here and do something completely new,” said Walker.

“My goal isn't to win, my goal is to be as fast as possible but not get lapped.

“I will be giving it everything I got.”

Last year was the first time in 23 years super saloons had raced at Western Springs.

In the celebrity race,   single seat specialist Nick Cassidy took the chequered flag, with Greg Murphy and Simon Evans rounding out the top three.

The race will be taking part on Saturday February 25, with racing due to start at 6:15pm.