Adidas giving away island to 40-yard dash record-breaker

Adidas Houston Regional Combine
An athlete getting ready to take the 40-yard dash at the Houston Regional Combine (Getty image)

Sportswear giant adidas has come up with a novel way to motivation athletes at the NFL combine, offering an island if anyone can break the 40 yard dash record.

This isn’t the first time adidas has offer a prize for someone to beat the 2008 mark of 4.24 seconds set by Chris Johnson.  Last year they offered up US$1 million dollars to break the record, and the cash is on the table in 2017 should any athlete opt for the money over the island.

There are a few stipulations, a pair of adidas boots must be worn by the record breaker and they must agree to endorse them for the coming season.  Adidas also get to choose the island - up to the value of US$1 million - most likely either in Canadian waters or somewhere in Central America.

The NFL Combine tests the top college football prospects in front of NFL teams.  The players are measured over a number of tests including 20, 40 and 60 yard runs, vertical jump, bench press and agility.


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