John Day: No more Commonwealth Games, please

Commonwealth Games
The Commonwealth Games place a heavy burden on the infrastructure and the resources of its host city (Getty image)

OPINION: 2018 should be the last time the Commonwealth Games are held.

The British Empire has long since faded since the first “Friendly Games” were held in 1930, and the public appetite for the costly, below-par sporting spectacle has also diminished in a big way.

Would you really care if the Commonwealth Games no longer existed?

With the Olympics already struggling to gain the attention it used to command, what’s the need for a similar event that’s missing the bulk of the world’s superstar athletes?

South African city Durban can see the light, and aren’t keen to plunge into a deeper financial crisis for an event that carries little to no weight.

The top stars, such as Usain Bolt, regularly skip the Commonwealth Games which is only the pinnacle event for one sport: lawn bowls.

Auckland’s wisely already stated that they’re not interested in hosting the irrelevant White Elephant event as the Commonwealth Games Federation search for an alternative host city.

The best decision they could make would be to can the Commonwealth Games after the final hurrah on the Gold Coast next year.