Cyclist expertly urinates off bike mid-race

  • 17/03/2017

Urine tests are often enforced on competitive cyclists to ensure they aren't taking performance-enhancing drugs, but one rider has undertaken quite a different type during a race - and he's passed with flying colours.

The anonymous cyclist has been hailed as a hero on social media after managing to steer his bike and urinate onto grass beside the course while competing in the race.

Footage of the race is not clear enough to suggest who the rider is - but he has been lauded for his outstanding technique and multitasking skills, while competing in the Nokere Koerse, a one-day race in Flanders, Belgium.

In the clip, he can be seen swerving to the edge of the course before swivelling to face away from his competitors and letting fly - all whilst incredibly keeping pace with the peloton.

There are no pitstop breaks to allow cyclists to go to the toilet during competition, so riders are forced to either relieve themselves inside their spandex pants or take a stop on the roadside and watch their competitors whizz past them.