Striker misses open goal from 50cm away

  • 06/04/2017

A Scottish Premiership striker has had an evening to forget while playing for Aberdeen - blowing a chance to double his side's lead when it seemed harder to miss.

23-year-old forward Miles Storey had the opportunity to make it 2-0 for the Dons against his former club Inverness, when a low cross from Jonny Hayes skidded into his path - but he mishit a shot into his standing leg from what looked to be about 50cm away from an open goal.

Storey's fudged shot careened into his other foot and in the opposite direction to where he intended - and after chasing the ball down he was soon tackled by an onrushing defender, ending the chance.

The miss came with less than 10 minutes to go - but Inverness were not able to get themselves back in the game so Storey's miss ended up being of no consequence.

Well, not entirely of no consequence - Storey has been the victim of widespread ridicule after a clip of his miss was shared by the BBC on social media and went viral.