Video: Sunwolves pack lifts car to help Kiwi motorist

The Sunwolves rugby team found themselves unlikely heroes as they helped a stricken Kiwi motorist move their car after being involved in an incident on Auckland's roads.

In torrential rain as Cyclone Cook bore down on the North Island, the Sunwolves team - who are in New Zealand for the first time - were on their bus when they saw the motorist had been involved in an accident.

Doing what any good Samaritans would do, the team got out to help.

The whole pack chipped in, using their brute strength to lift the car and move it 90 degrees. They then put their knees into it, lifting the car up on the sidewalk, clearing the road for traffic to move freely.

After that hard work, the real task begins as the Sunwolves now head to Christchurch to face the Crusaders who are unbeaten in 2017.