Video: Kiwis standoff Kieran Foran opens up on 'bromance' with Shaun Johnson

The highly-vaunted Kiwi halves pairing of Shaun Johnson and Kieran Foran is a combination which extends well beyond the rugby league field.

The two have shared plenty of highs and lows through their time in the black and white jersey and more recently the Warriors, and Foran admits they've forged an inseparable bond.

"We're great mates off the field as well as on it," Foran told Newshub.

"We're always going for feeds and coffee catch ups, always having a laugh… as long as we keep doing that I'm sure we'll enjoy playing alongside each other."

It's become the subject of plenty of light-natured ribbing from their Kiwis stablemates, and not even Johnson's partner, Silver Fern Kayla Cullen, is able to tear them apart.

"Yeah she's not too happy about it. She's always texting him saying 'you're not with Fozzie [Foran] again are ya?'", he laughs.

"The boys take the p*ss out of it – we're always together and I suppose there's a bit of a bromance there going on.

"We've always enjoyed coming into Kiwis camp together and now we get to play club footy together. It's just exciting times."

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Since joining the Warriors much has been made of Foran's ability to ease the burden of on-field responsibilities for his counterpart, adding a more structured approach to the team's attack in contrast to Johnson's instinctive style of play.

However according to Foran the partnership has been a mutually beneficial one, a complementary situation he confesses has reinvigorated his game.

"My strengths are probably Shaun's weaknesses and it's the opposite way around - the things that I'm not so strong at, in a game sense, he is.

"I can stick to a game plan, but being able to play off the cuff and play those quick moments, Shaun's been able to help me with that…..with my ability to play what's in front of me more, keeping my eyes up.

"It's been refreshing."

Details of the depth of the duo's relationship may bode well for the Warriors as they anxiously await the 26-year-old's decision on his long-term future at the club.

The pair need every ounce of magic they can muster in tonight's Anzac Test against Australia as they look to break a four-game losing streak against the old foe dating back to the corresponding fixture in 2015.

That match happened to be the last time Foran played in a black jersey, and there's one common ingredient this squad shares with that iteration.

"We were playing with a lot of belief, we felt like we could go out there and get the win…and we did.

"There's a lot of belief this time around, and I'm sure we can go out there and get the win."

And should the Kiwis come out victorious, there's one particularly bromantic post-match ritual in which Foran and his buddy Johnson will certainly be indulging.

"If we have a good win in a test match we'll enjoy a glass of red and some chocolate.

"If we get a win (tonight) – that'll be happening."