Lions tour: Live updates - New Zealand Provincial Barbarians vs British Lions

Provincial Barbarians - 7 - 13 - British Lions

FULL TIME: The Lions are lucky as the crowd stand and salute the Baabaas. What a spectacle - not the greatest match, but indeed a great spectacle. The Lions mouthing off to the Barbarians' players... Probably leaves a little to be desired from the Lions considering they struggled to overcome the Baabaas.

80mins: A free kick to the Lions and they want to put it out. That's it

79mins: A big maul to the Baabaas here and Mako Vunipola steals it expertly through the middle. He kills the maul and it's the Lions ball. That was it. That was the opportunity.

78mins: ANOTHER PENALTY to the Baabaas. They're going deeper into the Lions half. 20m out.

78mins: I can't quite believe I'm typing these words but the Baabaas have a chance to win it here. A lineout about 40m out. Here we go!

77mins: It's elementary for the Lions and Farrell knocks it well down field. Baabaas have the ball though on their own 10m line. Baabaas get a penalty and have the chance to nail it into the Lions 22.

76mins: The Baabaas lose the ball in a maul and then the Lions knock it on. A scrum to the Lions on their own 22. That may have been the opportunity to snatch a win.  

74mins: A sheep farmer from Raetahi who's never played a 1st div game is captain of the Baabaas hot on attack with a 5m scrum against the British Lions. What a time to be alive!

73mins: Baabaas still attacking on the Lions 22. Starting to get some good phase play and then get the scrum through a Lions knock on. This is going down to the wire!

72mins: Lions regather the ball after a grubber but then kick it away. The Baabaas go down the left hand side and are hot on attack 25m out. Lions are a mile offside but it's not called.

71mins: No it's not. The Lions ruin another chance and concede a penalty to the Baabaas after changing lanes. Laulala makes a very good touch finder in the Lions half.

70mins: Baabaas get a good exit play but the kick just isn't good enough. Lions attacking lineout on the Baabaas 22. Is this the play to finish the Baabaas off?

68mins: This time the Lions take the midfield bomb option and they regather through a bit of skirmish inside the Baabaas 22. But just as he gets to the 5m line, Rhys Webb drops the ball. Lions flanker Ross Moriarty is down and he doesn't look good.

67mins: With 13 minutes to go, the Baabaas are well and truly in this. Baabaas get the penalty from the scrum and tempers are starting to flare. No-one surely predicted the Baabaas would be playing this well. Baabaas miss touch and the Lions are back on attack.

66mins: Farrell hits the post and the Lions make a mistake off the regather inside the Baabaas 22. Scrum Baabaas.

66mins: A maul is exactly what they do and they earn a penalty after the Baabaas collapsed it. Farrell points to the sticks and the crowd love it - not. 

64mins: Baabaas lose the lineout and through an accidental offside, the Lions get a penalty near the halfway line. Farrell makes a good kick just onto the Baabaas 22. They'll be looking to maul this.

63mins: Baabaas earn a penalty on the Lions 10m line despite Alun Wyn Jones getting a big hit back, and they drive it deep into the Lions 22.

62mins: AWJ is hammered again in some very solid d by the Baabaas. Lions go to the air again and the Baabaas have the ball on the half way line.

61mins: Rhys Webb makes a very good clearance kick from the 22 to the Lions 10. Baabaas lineout.

60mins: That scrum is a front rower's dream but the Baabaas go wide immediately and Joe Webber's just taken into touch a couple of metres out from the line.

59mins: Lions take the maul in but they take the maul down and the Baabaas get the turnover. Baabaas scrum inside the Lions 22. Here we go baby, go baabaas.

58mins: Baabaas have the ball on the halfway line and Bryn Gatland says bugger this and drills the ball into the Lions 22. Lions have been much improved but still need to put the foot down.

57mins: A big stoppage before a scrum plays down but the crowd has been magnificent. Mighty loud.

55mins: Lions claim the ball from the kick and are attacking the Baabaas hard. As expected, they could run over the top of them here.

54mins: The Baabaas haven't played much ball this half and they're looking a little out of ideas. Gatland goes back to the midfield bomb.

52mins TRY LIONS: Anthony Watson scrambles over as the Lions outflank the Barbarians who seem to be running out of steam. Much better from the visitors and the kick goes over from Farrell. You can't say Watson deserves that but the Lions do.

52mins: Baabaas half Jack Stratton throws an intercept pass but not much comes of it. Owen Farrell drills the ball into the Baabaas 22 and they clear the ball. Lions on attack on the Baabaas 22.

49mins: Baabaas crabbing across field but they keep the ball. Lions then earn a penalty and take a quick tape. Attacking about 30m out. Then they concede a penalty to the Barbarians. Kyle Sinckler has been impressive but that quick tap wasn't his brightest moment

48mins: Lions keeping ball in hand but Alun Wyn Jones cops a slamming tackle by Andrew Makalio and the Baabaas win the ball back. What a performance from the Baabaas as Lions make some wholesale changes.

47mins: Lions players being spoken to like some school boys but they get the message, keep the gap in the lineout. Baabaas with the ball on the Lions 22m but the Lions turn it over and they run it down to half way.

46mins: Baabaas get a penalty from a high tackle and they'll get the chance to boot the ball into the Lions half. Gees this is impressive from the Baabaas.

45mins: The Baabaas break out a side kick and they brilliant regather inside their own half. Ball spews out the side of a breakdown and its Baabaas lineout on their own 10m line. This Baabaas team is well drilled believe you me.

44mins: Sexton noodles the ball behind the Baabaas and they make about 15m but lose the ball. Baabaas lineout on their own 22.

44mins: Lions take it well from the kick off and Sexton throws the inside pass to Watson who gets hammered. Lions go wide and they still have the ball. Getting a bit of go forward.

42mins: Laidlaw eases it over from in front.

42mins: Lions get the penalty from some errant hands in the ruck. 25m out, they go for the sticks. Greig Laidlaw taking the tee.

41mins: Gatland clears but it's just a midfield bomb. Lions now with ball in hand. Very one-up runners from the visitors though, yet to find their flair.

40mins: Johnny Sexton gets us underway.

HALF TIME: It's bloody cold but the rugby is hot hot hot. Teams are just coming out onto the field. Stay with us for the second half.

HALF TIME ANALYSIS: Lions were starting to find their feet later in that first half and they do have a very strong set piece. But this Barbarians team has played their hearts out and been resolute. Not sure how long they'll be able to stay with the Lions but they've done very well so far.

42mins LIONS HELD UP AND THAT'S HALF TIME: The crowd erupts as the Baabaas go into the break 7-3 up. What a half of football and a great show by the Barbarians despite being a little outmuscled later in the first half.

40mins: Hooter sounds and the Lions are pushing the Baabaas defence and they're awarded a penalty. Lions take the scrum. Looks like they're trying to play Baabaas ball too.

39mins: Lions getting some good go forward and they're on the Baabaas 22. Some big runs by Faletau and the Lions are held up. More good d by the Baabaas but the Lions are finding their grrrrrrrrrroove. Sorry

38mins: A break from the Lions is then followed up with an error from the visitors. The Baabaas then throw a forward pass. Scrappy from both teams there. The crowd starts singing as Poi E comes on. Scrum Lions 30m out

37mins: Lions win the Baabaas lineout and they have the ball on the halfway line. 

36mins: Really good scrums from both teams and Sexton tries the wipers kick which goes into touch on the full. You probably would have expected better from the Irish 10.

35mins: Lions are hitting hard and just as I say they're not getting anywhere, the Baabaas drop it in their own half. Lions have a good attacking chance here.

34mins: Lions player goes into his own man as he looks to burrow over and the Baabaas earn a penalty to the delight of the crowd. Then they get marched 10 after a lazy Lions player stops the kick to touch.

33mins: Lions earn a penalty after a few phases from the 5m scrum and they're going for another scrum. Lions looking to use some of their brute strength.

32mins: Moriarty makes a break on one side before Hogg makes a break on the other and the Scottish fullback is well held up by the Baabaas. Ben Te'o starting to show his quality with the ball in hand.

31mins: A few inside balls from the Lions and they make a few mini breaks but the Baabaas are holding firm defensively. Lions on attack on the Baabaas 22.

30mins: Lions starting to warm up a little with ball in hand and they are understandably a little bit rusty. Nothing to take from this Baabaas side, they've been amazing so far.

30mins: Lions then string a few passes together and all Hogg had to do is catch and pass but the pass goes awry and Watson get's taken out. Gatland then comes up with a great clearance kick that Stuart Hogg takes into touch. Lineout in Lions half to the Baabaas.

29mins: Lions being absolutely run ragged and the Baabaas take it down field but then the Lions earn a turnover. Some super passes and the Lions are on attack on the Baabaas 22.

28mins: Ball's won by the Lions who then pump it back down field. Lions then turn over the ball before losing it. Baabaas scrum on their own 22.

26mins: Gatland with the wipers kick that's regathered and Sam Vaka looks to run over the top of Tommy Seymour. That's what we came to see!

25mins: Baabaas take the kick off and Gatland blasts a torp 35m downfield. Crowd goes nuts again and they get even louder when the lineout throw from Rory Best isn't straight. Scrum Baabaas on their 10.

23mins TRY BAABAAS: The crowd erupts, the stadium shakes and Sam Anderson-Heather drives over. Gatland knocks it over. What a great start from the Baabaas.

22mins: The Baabaas use ye olde midfield bomb, regather and they're on attack 5m out.

21mins: Both scrums are rock solid and Sexton gets a clearing kick but it probably travelled about 10m and the Baabaas have an attacking lineout.

20mins: Baabaas knock it on five metres from the line in the ensuing pick and go's. Scrum Lions.

19mins: Should have been a try but it was butchered. Not sure the Baabaas are going to get too many better opportunities to score a try. Although they have a 5m attacking scrum. Everyone was sliding, even Angus Gardner the ref came in with a quality slide - probably about a 8 out of 10 slide.

18mins BAABAAS HELD UP: A break by the fullback Laulala and he's over all day but a solid defensive tackle by Stuart Hogg and Taulupe Faletau and he's held up. 

17mins: Sexton slots it. First points of the tour.

16mins: Another offside penalty to the Lions. Almost right in front and just outside the 22, they're going for the sticks. More boos, more outcry. But this is the Lions, they're here to do nothing but win.

15mins: Barbarians on attack and Gatland puts in a kick which isn't very good which is marked by Watson. A quick turn over by the Lions and they have the ball in the Baabaas half.

13mins: Typical Barbarians play and they run it out from their 22m. A little grubber kick is put in and a Lions player makes a mistake. Baabaas lineout on half.

12mins: Ben Te'o dumped in a beautiful tackle from the Baabaas and they lose the ball the phase after. Great d by the Baabaas but you can see the game the Lions are trying to play, particularly with how they're using Te'o. Both teams take a breather as Baabaas players are attended to on the field.

11mins: Lions strong on the set piece which is what we were expecting and they're on attack in the Baabaas 22.

10mins: Johnny Sexton misses to the right and the crowd loves it. Baabaas take it quickly from the 22 and regather but knock on shortly after. A very attacking scrum for the Lions and they look like they're going to have a go.

9mins: Baabaas just too keen and getting offside again. Lions earn another penalty and they're going to line up the sticks. Boos ring out from the crowd but it's not a silly decision.

8mins: Lions win an offside penalty on their 22 and are allowed to clear. Johnny Sexton kicks them into the Baabaas half, just.

7mins: Lions win a very solid scrum and allow for a box kick by Laidlaw to clear. A mistake from the Baabaas gifts the visitors territory on their 22.

6mins: Lions manage to kill the maul and get the turnover right on their line in the corner with Joe Marler coming through the middle. Good d by the visitors there.

4mins: Baabaas right on the Lions line, Gatland attempts a wipers kick but they had the advantage for a penalty right in the corner. They go for the line. What a start!

3mins: A great start from the Baabaas and they're awarded with a penalty. Kicking for the corner.

2mins: Baabaas kick it through into the visitors' 22 but Greig Laidlaw relieves some pressure with a box kick. Baabaas take the kick off and have the ball 40 out.

1mins: A mistake from the kick off by the Lions, Baabaas on the attack early doors. Not a great start to the tour by the visitors.

KICKOFF: Bryn Gatland gets us underway.

7.35pm: Playing conditions seem good, moments away from kickoff.

7.33pm: Not an empty seat in the house although it's chillier than an Everest base camp.

7.32pm: Both teams receive a traditional Maori challenge. The atmosphere is electric.

7.31pm: Here come the Provincial Barbarians, what an incredible experience it would be to take on this Lions team.

7.30pm: The Lions are on the field, led out onto Toll Stadium by Sam Warburton.

7.29pm: The Lions will be expected to brush away the Provincial Barbarians tonight but there could be a twist in the tale. Make sure you stay tuned to our live updates.

7.28pm: Kia ora and welcome to Toll Stadium in Whangarei for the first match of the Lions tour to New Zealand. Great to have you with us, want to get in touch? Tweet us at @Newshubsport


Kia ora and welcome to live updates of the Lions' first match on their 2017 Tour of New Zealand against the Provincial Barbarians at Toll Stadium in Whangarei.

We bring you live streaming written commentary and video highlights (be sure to refresh your browser). VIDEO will be available as soon as the final whistle goes.

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New Zealand Provincial Barbarians

15. Luteru Laulala 14. Sam Vaka 13. Inga Finaun 12. Dwayne Sweeney 11. Sevu Reece 10. Bryn Gatland 9. Jack Stratton 8. Mitchell Dunshea 7. Lachlan Boshier 6. James Tucker 5. Keepa Mewett 4. Josh Goodhue 3. Oliver Jager 2. Sam Anderson-Heather (captain) 1. Aidan Ross.

Reserves: 16. Andrew Makalio 17.Tolu Fahamokioa 18. Marcel Renata 19. Matt Matich 20. Peter Rowe 21. Richard Judd 22. Jonah Lowe 23. Joe Webber

British & Irish Lions

15. Stuart Hogg 14. Anthony Watson 13.  Jonathan Joseph 12. Ben Te'o 11. Tommy Seymour 10. Jonathan Sexton 9. Greig Laidlaw 8. Toby Faletau 7. Sam Warburton (capt) 6. Ross Moriarty 5. Iain Henderson 4. Alun Wyn Jones 3. Kyle Sinckler 2. Rory Best 1. Joe Marler

Reserves 16. Jamie George 17. Mako Vunipola 18. Tadhg Furlong 19. George Kruis 20. Justin Tipuric 21. Rhys Webb 22. Owen Farrell 23. Elliot Daly