Michael Cheika calls writer of Wallabies' open letter to discuss performance

Michael Cheika
Michael Cheika following the Scotland game Photo credit: Getty

Wallabies coach Michael Cheika has reacted to a brutal open letter by posting it to the team wall and calling the fan to discuss it.

Jack Squigley posted a long letter on the Wallabies' Facebook wall, scolding the team for their attitude in the 24-19 loss to Scotland.

The post called the team a disgrace and talking about feeling like the team had "lost touch with the common man".

Cheika said it was important the side recognised the hurt felt by Wallabies fans to ignite the spark to do better in future matches

"We put the poster up on the wall," said Cheika.

"I think that was pretty confronting for a few of the guys who hadn't seen it because it was pretty heavy in some ways.

Scotland were every bit as good as their 2015 Rugby World Cup quarter final appearance and subsequent Six Nations performances indicated. Strangling the Wallabies in defense, they were slick and well drilled in attack.

Conversely, the Wallabies were woeful, bereft of ideas in the back line and lacking any physical edge to the game - to the ire of Australian rugby fans and pundits.

"I spoke to the gentleman, gave him a ring because why not?"

"I think it's important that you talk to the fans. When we say come out to pressers and say 'we want to make the fans proud' it's not lip service. We do.

"I just spoke to him about some of the things that we're feeling and what we want to do and what's going on in the background because we're feeling the same thing as the fans, too."

The Wallabies will get the chance to rectify their performance against the Scots when they play Italy in Brisbane on Saturday afternoon.