Video: NRL star Jack De Belin caught with a wandering eye before live halftime cross

  • 29/06/2017

Rugby league star Jack De Belin was left a little red-faced after he was caught on camera ogling a group of female cheerleaders before a live cross.

The 26-year-old St George-Ilawarra Dragons forward, who was sidelined in his team's clash with Newcastle due to suspension, was being interviewed by Fox Sport commentator Brett Finch at half-time.

De Belin seemed to be totally transfixed by his clubs' cheerleaders and their routine, only realising the cameras were rolling when Finch gave him a quick nudge.

The footage was aired on the Monday Night with Matty Johns show, with co-host Nathan Hindmarsh joking that De Belin was simply observing the choreography.

"Jack's a choreographer, he's taught dance so he was just making sure everyone was in time," Hindmarsh said.

One viewer was quick to defend De Belin for stopping to admire Illawarra's cheerleaders.

"Seriously, who cares - the girls aren't there for conversation. If boys can't look at girls and girls can't look at boys then God help us, our society is doomed!" reads their comment on the Fox Sports Australia website.