As it happened: Super Rugby round 17 - Chiefs vs Brumbies


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FULLTIME: The Chiefs will be happy with that but it wasn't the polished performance they would have wanted. Gave away a few too many errors and weren't as clinical as they could have been.

That loss for the Brumbies means Australian Super Rugby teams go 0-25 against all New Zealand franchises. An incredible stat!

79mins: Chiefs give away a silly penalty inside the Brumbies 22 but Hawera can't find touch and the home side have it in attack on half way. They make it to the 22m line through a few offloads but the Brumbies win the penalty. A little dubious there but given nonetheless.

78mins: The Chiefs knock the ball on just metres out from the line with Atu Moli running far too quick to catch that. Brumbies defensive 5m scrum.

77mins: Beaver gets the ball with a full head of steam off the back of the scrum but an errant hand from a Brumbie knocks the ball on at the breakdown and they'll get another chance to get a bonus point try.

76mins: Brumbies win the lineout but make a meal of the ball out wide and concede a scrum about 20m out from their own line.

74mins: The Chiefs take the kick off and are starting to find a little continuity. Nine phases get them up to the Brumbies 22 as Cruden's taken out into touch. Brumbies lineout on their own 22m line as the visitors now look a little bereft of ideas.

71mins: McKenzie pulls the ball from left to right expertly and that'll likely kill off any thought the Brumbies had of a comeback.

71mins TRY CHIEFS: The home side finally break through with a try to Michael Leitch. Down the left touch line, McKenzie draws two before offloading to Leitch who canters over in the left corner. Simple rugby and it worked very effectively.

70mins: Brumbies win the lineout well and are immediately sacked. A box kick gifts possession back to the Chiefs who are on attack on half way with a big run through Moli taking the Chiefs up to the Brumbies 10m line.

69mins: Brumbies have a run from the first phase off the scrum but some really quick line speed from the Chiefs keeps them pinned back. The Brumbies are lucky to earn a penalty as Michael Leitch is pinged for not rolling away. 

67mins: Just as pressure is building and building, a sloppy error from the Chiefs gifts the ball back to the Brumbies and they'll escape once again. Yet another defensive scrum on the Brumbies 22m.

66mins: Chiefs are metres out from the line but the Brumbies are scrambling well and the hosts just can't seem to crack it. 10 phases and the Brumbies hold strong.

65mins: Chiefs steal the Brumbies lineout from the penalty and they have the ball on the Brumbies 22. They've spent almost 6 minutes inside the Brumbies 22. Shaun Stevenson looks to make a break but throws an errant pass and the Brumbies just survive, again. Speight is called on to clear but it's not a good kick. 

63mins: A lovely inside ball from Cruden to McKenzie sends him straight down the middle. A couple of passes but they can't protect the ball at the breakdown and the Brumbies manage to secure a penalty after an accidental offside call.

62mins: Chiefs concede a penalty at the breakdown and the Brumbies manage to survive yet again. It seems as if they're just holding on.

60mins: Chiefs turn over the ball yet again and the Brumbies have the ball in their own 22m line. They're struggling to get out of their half and scrum half Cubelli clears but not very far up the field. Chiefs ball on the Brumbies 22.

59mins: Chiefs knock on from the lineout and Hawera clears up toward the 10m line. If the Chiefs can manage to score again here, it will likely kill the Brumbies off.

58mins: The Brumbies spill the ball from the lineout and it's Chiefs scrum. Beaver takes the crash ball and it's Chiefs hot on attack on the Brumbies 22m. The Chiefs get another penalty for TKB being taken out off the ball, could be another yellow coming up soon.

55mins: McKenzie takes the ball from the kick off but throws an unnecessary ball out. The Chiefs then steal the Brumbies ball and get it wide, making a break up to the half way line. The Brumbies hold on though and get the lineout on half way.

54mins: Chiefs earn a penalty off the lineout as TKB is taken out for the second time in a row. The penalty is about 25m out, straight in front. Going for the win first and foremost, McKenzie lines up the sticks. Bangs it over no worries.

52mins: The Brumbies clear from the lineout but they can't find touch and the Chiefs are attacking on half way. The home side then earn a penalty at the breakdown and Cruden goes for the line, about 25m out from the Brumbies try line.

51mins: The Chiefs go wide and a stunning out the back pass from McKenzie to Lowe unleashes him down the left touch line. He puts in a little chip and the ball goes out about 5m from the try line. 

49mins: The Brumbies look to go wide but there's a loose ball and the Chiefs get the scrum as play breaks down.

48mins: The Chiefs make a break but then immediately concede a penalty and Hawera clears up to half way. The Brumbies then get a good maul going from the lineout and they're on halfway.

45mins: Teams exchange some kicks but the Brumbies have it on their own 10m line before Brumbies lock Tom Staniforth knocks on and gives the Chiefs an ideal attacking opportunity. 

43mins TRY ALAIMALO: It was elementary for the Chiefs after taking the ball from the lineout. They then go wide and Alaimalo, who's been good tonight, dives over in the right corner. McKenzie starts kick left and it stays left.

41mins YELLOW CARD: The Brumbies run the ball from in their own 22 and make it just outside of it after some solid d from the Chiefs. McKenzie takes a high ball and is clobbered in the air - he gets up and goes again but the Brumbies half back is yellow carded for being inside the 10m when he took the tap...

KICKOFF: Cruden gets us underway as the Beaver comes on for his 100th game!

HALFTIME: Siren goes just before Hawera knocks it over and that's a good return for the Brumbies side who's looked to struggle up front this first half. They've retained the ball well however, and the Chiefs haven't managed to put them away.

40mins: Brumbies are on attack on the Chiefs 22 but the home side is holding pretty well. They concede a penalty and the Brumbies are lining up the posts.

38mins: It's a scrum back to the Brumbies in the Chiefs' half after the pass was forward. Blatantly forward.

37mins TMO CHIEFS: That's like Rugby 08 on the PS2 by the Chiefs. Straight from the kick off, James Lowe takes the ball blind, throws a questionable pass to McKenzie down the left touch line, he heads in field and gives the ball to Alex Nankivell who then hands the ball back to Lowe. It could be a forward pass though, they've gone to the TMO. 

36mins: McKenzie breezes it over and the Chiefs extend their lead.

35mins: Chiefs have the ball after a couple of steals from both teams, they're then awarded a penalty as the Brumbies' attempts to slow down the ball fail that time. Instead of going to the line, McKenzie lines up the posts.

34mins: Another big Chiefs scrum but the Brumbies scramble well and have the ball five metres out from their line. Hawera cleasrs to the 10m line but the Chiefs carry on with the game. 

33mins NO TRY: Defensive scrum to the Brumbies with McKenzie ruled to have knocked the ball on. Not a bad result for the Chiefs.

32mins TMO CHIEFS: Yet another big scrum from the Chiefs and the Brumbies' forward pack looks like they're on serious struggle street. They take the quick tap and Cruden puts in a kick pass for McKenzie. It looks like he's dropped it but they're going to TMO.

30mins: Chiefs go wide right to Soloman Alaimalo and he's taken well by two Brumbies defenders and knocks the ball on. Good d by the Brumbies and it's their defensive 5m scrum.

29mins: Chiefs retain the lineout and have the ball about 11m out from the Brumbies line. Mitchell Brown makes a mini break and the Brumbies look to just be holding on. 

27mins: Brumbies take the kick and look like they're going to run it out of their 22m. Hawera then puts up a big bomb and a Brumby takes it in front of his man, accidental offside, penalty to the Chiefs and Cruden finds touch about 6m out from the Brumbies line. Maybe that should have been the result in the final call from Romain Poite last week...

26mins TRY BRUMBIES: Just like that, the visitors take the lineout and centre Nigel Ah Wong slices through. One missed tackle and he's over. Too easy for the Brumbies and that's not good defense from the Chiefs. Kick's breezed over and the wild horses are back in this.

23mins: The Chiefs lose it on the Brumbies 22 but Hawera kicks up to the Chiefs 10m line and have it on halfway. The Chiefs are then penalised and the Brumbies get a chance to breathe a little.

21mins: Chiefs regather the kick off and they go left wide straight away before going wide right. James Lowe makes some ground over the half way line before Cruden chips into the Brumbies 22m. The Brumbies then reply and find touch before TKB goes quick.

20mins TRY CHIEFS: Just champagne rugby from the Chiefs as Damian McKenzie turns the Brumbies backline inside out and dives over. Off the lineout, Ngatai punched up the middle with Soloman Alaimalo slicing through close to the ruck before a big pass to McKenzie. Lovely from the home side.

18mins: Brumbies win the lineout and go down the blindside and Henry Speight makes about 30/40 metres. With some good go forward, they go out wide left but a man's isolated and the Chiefs win a penalty. Some good signs for the Brumbies but the Chiefs holding well so far.

17mins: James Lowe finds lovely touch from inside the 22 up to the halfway line. It looked like he was outside his 22 but play on.

16mins: DMac knocks it over, too easy. Hawera gets us back underway.

15mins: Chiefs have a couple of phases inside the Brumbies 22 and they earn a penalty with the visitors being offside. Right in front of the posts and instead of going for another scrum, they go for the posts.

14mins: Chiefs go wide after the lineout and go about 95metres just like that. Hawera's forced to clear from inside his own goal and it's Chiefs on attack about 15m out from the Brumbies line.

12mins: Brumbies lose the ball at the lineout and that's another mistake. Seem to be lurching from knock on to knock on. No excuse for it, beautiful conditions underfoot.

11mins: Chiefs offside at the breakdown and the Brumbies will get a chance to heap some more pressure on the home side. Lachlan Boshier penalised in that instance, a little too keen. Hawera finds touch on the Chiefs 22m, again, not the best touch finder.

10mins: Another monster scrum from the Chiefs and that's not a good sign for the Brumbies, it could be a long night at the office for the visitors. Lineout Chiefs. Home side on attack on halfway before Brumbies turn the ball over at the breakdown.

9mins: Chiefs lose the ball at the lineout and surrender a good attacking opportunity. Now the Brumbies have a scrum on the Chiefs' 10m line, left hand side of the field.

8mins: A big scrum from the Chiefs earn them a penalty and an opportunity to relieve after some early pressure. Good work in the tight five there from the hosts. Cruden clears up to half way.

7mins: Brumbies go side to side after what looked like a good maul to begin with from the attacking lineout. However Hawera seemingly has too many options and coughs up the ball. The Chiefs survive, but do so after some good defense early on.

5mins: Brumbies getting some very good phaseplay and they have the ball just outside the Chiefs 22m. They get the advantage though and through a mini break they go into the Chiefs 22. After a turnover at the breakdown, ref Ben Skeen has no choice and awards the penalty to the Brumbies. They're going for the corner, nice!

4mins: Hawera goes for touch and it's not the best touch finder. Brumbies have the lineout about 35m out from the Chiefs line.

3min: Good line speed from the Chiefs and they keep the Brumbies on the half way line. Brumbies are little one-up but they're getting good continuity in attack. The Brumbies then earn a penalty on their own side of half way.

1mins: A very good start by the Brumbies and they're on attack deep in the Chiefs 22. A few pick and goes but Hawera gives a hard pass to Brumbies 12 Andrew Smith and they lose the ball and the Chiefs can clear.

KICKOFF: Wharenui Hawera gets us underway and it's taken by Mitchell Brown at lock. Cruden takes a poor pass from TKB and puts in a left foot and the Brumbies are on attack on the Chiefs 10m line.

5.14pm: Stadium isn't as full as it could be but they're making a lot of noise. Great atmosphere at FMG. Conditions perfect underfoot but could be a little greasy later on as per usual.

5.11pm: Both teams about to head out onto the field. It's been a beautiful day here in the city of the future so it should be a feast of running rugby coming up.


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1. Kane Hames, 2. Nathan Harris, 3. Nepo Laulala, 4. Michael Allardice, 5. Mitchell Brown, 6. Liam Messam, 7. Lachlan Boshier, 8. Michael Leitch, 9. Tawera Kerr-Barlow, 10. Aaron Cruden (c) , 11. James Lowe, 12. Charlie Ngatai, 13. Alex Nankivell, 14. Solomon Alaimalo, 15. Damian McKenzie

Reserves - 16. Liam Polwart, 17. Aidan Ross, 18. Atu Moli, 19. Tom Sanders, 20. Mitchell Karpik, 21. Finlay Christie, 22. Stephen Donald, 23. Shaun Stevenson


1. Nic Mayhew2. Robbie Abel, 3. Leslie Leulua’iali’i-Makin, 4.  Tom Staniforth, 5. Blake Enever, 6. Scott Fardy (c), 7.  Jarrad Butler, 8.  Lolo Fakaosilea, 9. Tomas Cubelli, 10. Wharenui Hawera, 11. James Dargaville, 12. Andrew Smith, 13. Nigel Ah Wong, 14. Henry Speight, 15. Jordan Jackson-Hope

Reserves - 16. Josh Mann-Rea, 17. Scott Sio, 18. Ben Alexander, 19. Ben Hyne, 20. Tom Cusack, 21. Jordan Smiler, 22. Ryan Lonergan, 23. Tom Banks

Match facts and stats

Referee: Ben O’Keeffe

Assistants: Richard Kelly and Cam Stone

TMO: Ben Skeen

The Chiefs have won four of their last six games against the Brumbies, and will be looking for three victories in a row against the team from the Australian capital for the first time in Super Rugby history.

The Chiefs have won each of their last four games when hosting the Brumbies, though they’ve allowed them a losing bonus point on each occasion.

The Chiefs have won nine of their last 10 games against Australian opposition, and haven’t lost to an Australian team when playing at home since 2014.

The Brumbies have lost on their last eight visits to New Zealand by an average margin of 15 points, last winning in Round 4, 2014 against the Hurricanes.

The Canberra squad have been kept tryless in the opening half of three of their last six games, scoring only five tries in total across that span.

Past meetings

Head to head: Played 23, Chiefs 9, Brumbies 13, Draws, 1

In New Zealand: Played 10, Chiefs 6, Brumbies 4

Last time played: Chiefs 48 def Brumbies 23, April 2, 2016

Last time in New Zealand: Chiefs 19 def Brumbies 17, February 20, 2015

Head-to-head: Chiefs - $1.11 Brumbies - $6.10