GKR Karate World Cup: Board-breaking records smashed

A series of Guinness World Records have been literally smashed at the GKR Karate World Cup competition.

GKR Karate (Go-Kan-Ryu) teamed up with Glenn Coxon, current Guinness World record holder, for the "most pine boards broken in 60 seconds".

They attempted to break the Guinness record for the "most people breaking pine boards simultaneously in a single location", which stood at 204 people. 

At the World Cup event on the Gold Coast on Sunday morning, that was smashed, with 433 karate athletes taking part. There were representatives from Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

"Congratulations to everyone who secured their place in the record books this morning - well done!

"This record attempt was part of a fundraising effort for the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse for cancer research," GKR wrote on its page.

Coxon also set a new record, breaking 1000 boards in under 20 minutes.

The cancer survivor, speaking to 9 News after breaking the record, said it was down to listening to Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Six Rules of Success' before taking the floor.

"Basically I was thinking you worked hard for this, just keep going, keep going."