'I don't even know if I will ever get over Bermuda' - Oracle skipper Jimmy Spithill

  • 16/09/2017
Jimmy Spithill.
Jimmy Spithill. Photo credit: Getty Images

Oracle Team United States skipper Jimmy Spithill has admitted he might never get over losing the America's Cup to Team New Zealand in Bermuda earlier in the year.

After losing the Cup to New Zealand 7-1, Spithill wants to return and try to win back the Auld Mug in Auckland, in 2021.

But he might have to try that with another team, with Oracle boss Larry Ellison set to reportedly skip the next regatta.

Writing for Yachts and Yachting, sailing journalist Bob Fisher said he got an email from Sir Russell Coutts saying: "My understanding is that Oracle/Larry will not be entering."

"I think until you hear it from Larry himself, or an official reply from Larry himself... it's probably a fact then," Spithill told told Newstalk ZB.

"I don't even know if I will ever get over Bermuda, but I can't leave it like that.

"I love the game. I'm pretty much obsessed with it and, for sure, my plan is to try and get back there, and I'm sure you guys would love to hear, get that cup back off New Zealand."

Team New Zealand are expected to unveil their plans for the next America's Cup later this month and discuss the decision to bring back monohulls instead of using high-speed foiling catamarans, which have been used in the last two cups.

There is plenty of talk across the Tasman that an Australian syndicate will compete in the event, but Spithill is remaining tight-lipped on the issue.

He said nothing would be confirmed until after Team NZ announced the official protocol for the event.

"A lot of people who have either been in the America's Cup game, or potential owners of founders of teams who are thinking about coming back into the cup game.

"You can't really make any official statement until you know where the goal posts are. Until everyone gets to read and see the protocol it's probably unlikely that you would get too many official responses from anyone interested in the game."

"Whatever happens - and it sounds like it'll be back in a monohull - I started my America's Cup career in New Zealand, I've spent a lot of time there... and let's face it, it's just such a fantastic venue for it, because people are just so into it, and so passionate about it."