Larry Ellison unlikely to enter Auckland regatta in 2021 - former Oracle boss

  • 17/09/2017
Larry Ellison.
Larry Ellison. Photo credit: Getty Images

Former Oracle boss and America's Cup veteran Tom Ehman is unsure if Larry Ellison will be involved in the next regatta in Auckland, but is confident it won't be Jimmy Spithill behind the wheel should he decide to.

"It's Larry's nature not necessarily to continue with somebody who has lost, and I rather doubt that if Larry does it again that Jimmy would be on the wheel," Ehman says.

It may, however, be a decision Ellison should need not to make, as there is scepticism on whether the billionaire will even be part of the regatta, which could remain for a while longer according to Ehman.

"It's too early to tell and I would never, ever count Larry out," Ehman says.

"Larry has the resources to come in a little later to the game and throw some money around at people and get top people, even if they're already semi committed to other teams.

"So again, I wouldn't get too far ahead of this. I don't think he's going to do it, but it's too early to tell. You just never know at this stage."

Speaking on whether or not Ellison has the desire to be a challenger, Ehman shuts down the notion the American may have lost his passion.

"He is a hugely competitive human being. He puts himself in situations to measure himself, to test himself, to grow himself as a person, as a human being.

"He isn't going to shy away from this just because he lost."