Steven Adams entertains Oklahoma media with hilarious fishing story

  • 15/09/2017

Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams is up to his usual tricks, entertaining local media at a Oklahoma City Thunder press conference.

The seven-footer was talking about his recent trip back to New Zealand and was asked about a particular fishing incident.

"It was so bad, I caught the bait fish," Adams said.

"I was just being a dick."

"I was just like, oh strap on... I mean strap me up.

"Sounds like a Saturday night."

He then looked at the Thunder media manager asking "too much?"

The 24-year old is preparing for his fifth season in the NBA coming of career high numbers in rebounds (7.7 per game) and points (11.3 per game)

The Thunders first match of the season is against the New York Knicks on October 20 in Oklahoma.