Team Australia a chance for next America's Cup - Oracle tactician Tom Slingsby

Tom Slingsby.
Tom Slingsby. Photo credit: Getty Images

Team Oracle's Tom Slingsby is keen on a Australian team rising to the challenge of competing at the next America's Cup in Auckland.

Speaking to Andrew Gourdie and Jim Kayes on RadioLIVE, the Australian said money remains the biggest obstacle to getting a boat on the water.

"If there's an Australian team, I'd love to be part of it, I've always said that," Slingsby said.

"At the moment, what we need is financial help more than anything and obviously we're going to have to see what the rules are with this cup and how big the budget is for 2021.

"It's just getting successful business people who have done well financially, who love sailing and sort of believe we can go over to New Zealand and we can win the cup."

Should they receive the required financial backing, the sailor is confident the country has the other resources in place to form a successful team, and has long backed the idea.

"I've been pushing for it for quite a while, for the last two years I've been meeting with people, trying to make it happen, but obviously raising $100,000,000 is no easy feat," Slingsby said.

"We've got so much sailing talent at the moment in Australia; it comes through the Olympic programme and then they come into the America's Cup, so it'll be a real shame if we couldn't get a team together."

Team Australia a chance for next America's Cup - Oracle tactician Tom Slingsby

The likelihood of some of Australia's best sailors jumping ship, including that of Oracle skipper, Jimmy Spithill would only increase should Larry Ellison opt out of the Cup, which Slingsby concedes looks to be the case.

"I don't think he will, personally," Slingsby said.

"I don't know this for sure, but our beef with Team New Zealand I think, it was often a bit too personal at times on some of the attacks.

"Larry's put a lot into the sport, love him or hate him and think he might feel a bit disrespected with the way it all went down."

Slingsby also revealed he is already in talks with individuals over the concept, and is optimistic about their chances both off and on the water.

"Hopefully a bit over 50 percent at this stage," Slingsby said.

"I'm involved in talks and I'm working with some really good people, talking to the right people and it's just a matter of hopefully they're going to come on-board and join us on the journey.

"It'd be great to go to New Zealand and try to take it if off them."