Duco boss calls proposed deal for Parker to fight Anthony Joshua 'most insulting offer in boxing history'

  • 14/11/2017
The Kiwi's promoters are not happy with the offer they have received.
The Kiwi's promoters are not happy with the offer they have received. Photo credit: Photosport

Joseph Parker's promoter David Higgins says he has 'pretty much given up' on the Anthony Joshua fight after receiving a 'ridiculously low offer' from promoter Eddie Hearn.

With Parker holding the WBO belt and Joshua holding the IBF and WBA belts, both fighters have expressed interest to try to unify the belts 

Speaking to Sky Sports UK, Higgins said he is prepared to abandon negotiations following an e-mail from Eddie Hearn he was not very pleased with.

"I got this weird email from Eddie's email address, but he must have been hacked," Higgins told Sky Sports UK.

"He made the most ridiculously low offer. It could have been the most insulting offer in boxing history.

"To expect 40 percent is actually quite reasonable, because you have earned it, and it's unification.

"Of course I have mentioned it [to Joseph Parker] and he just laughed like I did.

"I'm not going to reply because I don't think it was Eddie Hearn. I reckon someone hacked his account, it was a scam. I reckon Eddie respects boxing and I reckon Anthony Joshua wouldn't want to insult Joseph Parker.

"Joseph has worked his way from the ground up and earned the right. Joshua, I think, would understand and respect that, so it can't possibly be AJ or Eddie that made the offer. It must be an email hack."

If Parker doesn't fight Joshua in his next fight, he has other options, including a trans-Tasman fight with Lucas Browne.

"We have got several fights on the table and I tell you this, we have pretty much given up on Joshua. Assuming someone hacked his email, I apologise to Eddie, and he's welcome to give me a call. He's got my number if he wants to actually make a respectable offer.

"Joseph has earned the right. He's going to put it all on the line and deserves a fair payday. The terms they offered disrespect every kid in the world who wants to become heavyweight world champion and set their family up for life."