Drift king 'Mad' Mike Whiddett kicking off New Zealand summer with a bash

'Mad' Mike Whiddett is back from another high-octane season of competing and he’s ready to slow down over the summer.

But his version of slowing down is still much faster than many and his latest innovation epitomises that.

Whiddett will host the Mad Mike Summer Bash at Hampton Downs on Saturday with competitions and experiences available for all levels.

Included in his event is the debut of his “Mad Cab”, which is probably the fastest taxi ride one could ever experience.

It’s set to give spectators a taste at what its really like to go drifting around a track at high speed and all part of a gear change for “Mad” Mike as he looks to give back to the country he grew up in.

"I'm wanting to focus a little more on events down her in New Zealand and open up some opportunities for others," he said.

Whiddett remembers growing up in a one bedroom apartment with his mother, with her sleeping on the bottom bunk and him on the top.

It’s from those humble beginnings that have motivated him to give back to others and give opportunities to those who otherwise might not have had them.

“To be successful in motorsport where a lot of people think you need a lot of money. You don’t. You just need a big dream, a bit of hard work and having a vision," Whiddett said.

Now with two kids of his own, Whiddett will look to inspire the next generation of stars and encourage people to go for a ride with him in the “Mad Cab.”

Watch the video above for the full story.