David Higgins credits Anthony Joshua 'glass jaw' video for securing Joseph Parker fight

The Duco boss admitted the whole process was "uncomfortable" in the build-up to securing the fight.
The Duco boss admitted the whole process was "uncomfortable" in the build-up to securing the fight. Photo credit: Photosport

Duco boss David Higgins has credited the infamous video illustrating Anthony Joshua's "glass jaw" to securing a fight unification fight for Joseph Parker.

Before the fight was made official, Parker's camp spoke out about Joshua's suspect chin, which saw Duco release a video montage showing Joshua getting dropped in training.

The video caused some stir around the boxing world but ultimately it was the decisive factor getting a deal secured for April 1 (NZ time) and the Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

Speaking to Andrew Gourdie and Jim Kayes on RadioLIVE's Sunday Sport, Higgins spoke about the process to secure the fight that could make Parker the face of heavyweight boxing.

"The initial offer was low and rightfully so because UK fans didn't know Parker; they thought it was a one-horse race and Joshua was impenetrable and no one was calling for the fight," said Higgins.

"So I said to myself, 'How do we fix that?' I thought let's launch a facts-based strategy being provocative.

"We studied Joshua because there were rumours going around of him being dropped and it was interesting because it was the worst-kept secret in boxing.

Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn.
Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn. Photo credit: Getty Images

"We were just analysing his strengths and weaknesses, which hasn't been done. It got Joseph media coverage in the UK and upset his fans who started saying, 'Who is this disrespectful New Zealander?'"

Higgins admitted the whole process was an "uncomfortable one, not only for him but also Kevin Barry and Joseph Parker".

"After that infamous press conference it worked. Suddenly Hearn is at the table making an offer and it was less than what we wanted so we kept at it.

"I don't revel in it because it was uncomfortable. Like if I was promoting Tyson Fury I wouldn't need to say a word. Tyson is a walking headline.

"It's uncomfortable for them as well and it is for me, but you have to do this to get the result and we did it and it worked.

"Eddie Hearn has publicly and privately praised the approach, and so it's quite strange when you have a few New Zealanders downplaying it. 

Tyson Fury.
Tyson Fury. Photo credit: Getty Images

"This should be a celebratory thing for Joseph and it wouldn't have happened without the build-up we had."

Earlier in the week, Fury took to social media and offered to assist Parker in training for the fight.

"I've got a show on the night your boxing in England but if you want I'll come spar you when your in uk training for the fight, it wil help both me & you, you won't find better sparing than me I promise you. Let me know pal? [sic]" the tweet said.

Higgins said that even if Fury doesn't get inside the ring with Parker, his presence in the build-up to the bout will be extremely helpful.

"Tyson has offered to join Parker's camp for the fight. Even though he might not be the right sparring partner, he's a guy who's been an underdog and waged psychological warfare on Wladimir Klitschko and beat him.

"He is a guy who [brought] massive confidence into our camp because he has done precisely what Joseph is trying to do.

"He's a guy who is good to have on-side to pick his brain, and if it works out to have him around camp then great."


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