Double Paralympic champion Liam Malone announces retirement from competitive running

  • 09/01/2018
Malone won two gold medals at the Rio Paralympics.
Malone won two gold medals at the Rio Paralympics. Photo credit: Getty

Double Paralympic Champion Liam Malone has announced he will be retiring.

The former 200m and 400m gold medal winner cited rules changes in the events as one of several reasons for his decision.

"There are multiple factors; one is that there's been some rule changes within the Paralympics regarding the blade we compete on," Malone told Newshub.

"Those changes are going to be quite significant and basically reduced my confidence that I will be competing on the same playing-field."

The 24-year-old also expressed his desire to venture into other fields and admits juggling it all hampered his development as an athlete.

"Running for me was always a stepping stone to go on and do other things," he said.

"I got so many things outside of running going on that it meant that it had come at a cost of my training."



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