Former Blackcaps speak out over controversial Tui Catch-A-Million promotion

Former Blackcaps paceman Kyle Mills believes the Tui Catch-A-Million promotion needs to be stopped before somebody gets seriously hurt.

Spectators wearing an orange Tui shirt at a Blackcaps home game over the summer have the chance to win $50,000 for catching a six with one hand.

The promotion was first done during the 2015 Cricket World Cup and due to its success, it was brought back for the 2017/18 summer.

However, the competition is being scrutinised after fans have been trampled by people attempting to catch the ball to claim the prize. 

New Zealand Cricket and promoters Tui have said they are reviewing aspects of the promotion.

"Tui in conjunction with New Zealand Cricket (NZC) would like to reiterate that crowd safety in the Tui Catch a Million promotion is paramount," the statement read.

"NZC and Tui Brewery have met to discuss potential solutions on how to improve the fan participation and ultimately safety during the matches.

"We are now working through the logistics of these, and as soon as there are more details we will share them with you."

One incident, in particular, angered one fan so much, it looked like a fight might break out.

Former Blackcaps all-rounder James Neesham spoke out against the promotion on social media during the Blackcaps 119-run win over the West Indies on Wednesday night and now Mills has joined the band of people who are against the promotion.

"The game of cricket has changed immensely even when I stopped playing four years ago," Mills told Trackside Radio.

"Eden Parker Outer Oval, for example, is a really small round, small boundary and when you play a game of T20 cricket, the sixes go flying into the crowd like a bullet.

Kyle MIlls.
Kyle MIlls. Photo credit: Getty Images

"Somebody is going to get hit and hurt really bad.

"With the guys with the catching competition I can see from their point of view there are 50K up for grabs but somebody is going to get hurt some stage to what extent? I don't that but somebody will get hurt."

According to a New Zealand Crickets spokesmen, NZC will be reviewing the terms and conditions of the promotion before the next international fixture.