Graham Norton believes Joseph Parker is an easy beat for Anthony Joshua

  • 13/01/2018
Graham Norton believes Joseph Parker is an easy beat for Anthony Joshua
Photo credit: Photo - Getty; Video - BBC

British talk show host Graham Norton has called out WBO champion Joseph Parker in the most unusual way.

The Kiwi heavyweight champion is set to face British champion Anthony Joshua in a unification title fight at Principality Stadium in Cardiff on April 1 (NZ time).

Joshua was a guest on this week's edition of The Graham Norton Show along with Tom Hanks and Maisie Williams, and Norton asked the heavyweight about his upcoming plans. 

"It was going to either one of the two belt holders," said Joshua. "I have three of them and there are two left - one is in America, and one is in New Zealand.

"I was looking at both options... and America would have been amazing but there have been some difficulties so we are looking to bring the other guy, Joseph Parker, who is a tidy champion there."

Norton responded by calling out Parker and likely angering New Zealand boxing fans:  "I think that is going to be an easy fight. He's the king of pies.

"He must be a world-class athlete, but he doesn't look like one, does he?"

"Shall I give him a nickname? Pie, the pie," said Joshua.

Parker's promoter Davie Higgins is currently in England to finalise a deal with Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn.

Higgins told YouTube channel Behind The Glove that he is "reasonably confident we can make a deal within a week".