Joseph Parker's promoter David Higgins compares Anthony Joshua to England football team

  • 12/01/2018
A deal is expected to be announced 'within a week' according to David Higgins.
A deal is expected to be announced 'within a week' according to David Higgins. Photo credit: Photosport

Joseph Parker's boxing promoter David Higgins has a strong message for British heavyweight Anthony Joshua ahead of their potential unification title fight.

The fight would see Parker put his WBO belt on the line while Joshua will put up the WBA and the IBF belts in an attempt to unify the heavyweight division at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on April 1 (NZ time).

Although the fight has not been made official, Higgins, who arrived in London this week to finalise a deal with Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn, said an announcement is imminent.

Higgins is confident that Parker will win the fight, saying Joshua is like the English national football team in how they choke when the lights are shining their brightest.

"You did say you wish to unify, there is that old saying be careful what you wish for but we will pay you respect for being a man of your word," Higgins told Behind the Gloves

"Some people only talk but talk's cheap so you're stepping up trying to unify and we think with your style and Parker's, it will be good for the fans and it will be the fight of the year.

"We have a hypothesis that Joshua is like the English football team. Built up and hyped up, but never steps up when it gets to the top level. 

Anthony Joshua.
Anthony Joshua. Photo credit: Reuters

"They will get up to the football world cup finals, but never make the final because they choke.

"So we wonder whether Joshua at unification level will be found out?

"We believe that unification bout is a step too far and we will find out hopefully if we get the fight."

Parker is currently in New Zealand but is on standby to fly to the UK once a deal is finalised and he could arrive as early as Saturday (local time).

Higgins said that he and Hearn have to work through a couple of 'contractual points' before they can put pen to paper.

"I'm here to hopefully negotiable and close a deal with Eddie Hearn for the first unification bout in 10 years for Joseph Parker to fight Anthony Joshua for four heavyweight belts.

"Hearn and Joshua want the deal and so do we. We are just working through minor details and we are getting closer every day.

"Will it be announced soon? Maybe, could be announced early next week but we are still going over and back on a few contractual points.

"I am reasonably confident we can make a deal within a week." 

Eddie Hearn.
Eddie Hearn. Photo credit: Getty Images

Higgins didn't want to comment on what the minor details were but insists that it's perfectly normal for negotiations to take a while, especially when world titles are on the line.

Eddie Hearn shared similar thoughts, saying he's hopeful Parker will head to England over the weekend so they can make the fight official.

"My man David Higgins - he's a bit nuts, David Higgins, but he's a good guy," Hearn told IFL.TV. "He knows what he wants and we're moving at speed.

"We had about four hours yesterday, we're drafting, we've overcome most of the points in the agreement.

"Hopefully, Parker will come in the weekend... hopefully, you'll get an announcement next week."