As it happened: Blackcaps v West Indies - third Twenty20

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  • 03/01/2018

New Zealand 243/5 (20) West Indies 124/9 (16.3)

A complete performance from the Blackcaps...not much else to say really although Pakistan will pose a different challenge starting on Saturday..they are a very slick ODI/T20 outfit and will test this NZ side. Thanks for joining me...we will have a highlight video up in 20 minutes.

17th Over: West Indies 124/9 - Nurse 14no

Wicket Alert: Samuel Badree c Bruce b Southee 2 (6)

And that's the game...NZ's biggest wining margin in T20 cricket...119 run win. 

Southee is back for his third over

16th Over: West Indies 123/8 - Nurse 13 / Badree 2

Nurse with a French cut for'd take that. Seven runs off Boult's last over. He finishes with 2/29

Boult continues

15th Over: West Indies 115/8 - Nurse 7 / Badree 1

Well bowled wicket but only goes for two and he finished with 2/24 off his four.

Sodhi will look for a third wicket here

14th Over: West Indies 114/8 - Nurse 6 / Badree 0

Wicket Alert: Jerome Taylor c Santner b Boult 13 (4)

Nurse with an ugly slog..Phillips is racing after it and attempts a spectacular dive but can't quite get it..great effort. Full toss from Boult...Taylor slogs and it goes straight up in the air and Santner takes an easy catch. Last wicket at the crease as Hope won't bat.

Boult is back for his third spell

13th Over: West Indies 113/7 - Taylor 13 / Nurse 5

Wicket Alert: Rayad Emrit lbw Sodhi 5 (6)

We have a review for LBW...Sodhi confident but I think it may be glove not pad as the batsmen mover a long way's very close..if there is no glove then he is a goner...and yes it is out..actually plum as it gets..hitting off...great review from Sodhi....Jerome Taylor the new man. Shai Hope won't bat he has a shoulder injury. Taylor smashed his forst ball over Sodhi's head for six...dropped by the Tui boys again...Taylor goes for a second heave and it's into the crowd again and you guessed it..dropped by a Tui shirt.

Sodhi is back

12th Over: West Indies 99/6 - Nurse 4 / Emrit 5

Kitchen has really found his length here...his last 11 balls have been fantastic and he finished well agan..just five off that over.

Kitchen to continue

11th Over: West Indies 94/6 - Nurse 3 / Emrit 1

Wicket Alert: Carlos Brathwaite c Bruce b Boult 15 (13)

Boult much better here..going full...and he gets a wicket off the fourth ball..Bratwaite attempts to muscle it over long on but he can't get the loft and Bruce takes a comfortable catch. Emrit the new batsmen. Much better over from Boult..found a good length and mixed it up to get the wicket.

Trent Boult is back after his awful over a half hour ago

10th Over: West Indies 90/5 - Brathwaite 14 / Nurse 2

Great length to start from Kitchen here....Nurse can't get to him despite looking like he wants to....he gets off strike eventually but this is great bowling...well bowled Kitchen...just three of that one.

Kitchen replaces Santner

9th Over: West Indies: 87/5 - Brathwaite 13 / Nurse 1

Wicket Alert: Andre Fletcher b Sodhi 46 (32)

Brilliant from Sodhi...gets him with the one that goes the other way!..Fletcher went for an ugly slog and missed it...Nurse the new man. Sodhi drops short and Brathwaite hits the biggest six of the day over square leg..that was massive...oh and he almost gets Brathwaite with a jaffer...big swing and miss and just misses the off stump...great bowling.

Sodhi continues

8th Over: West Indies 80/4 - Fletcher 46 / Brathwaite 7

A tidy over from Santner..just five coming and the screws are back on for the tourists who need to go at almost 14 an over.

Santner changing ends

7th Over: West Indies 75/4 - Fletcher 43 / Bratwaite 5

Sodhi starts well..onto a good length that has both batsmen frustrated...Fletcher struggling to get Sodhi away.....and he finished will ish..just two off that over.

Ish Sodhi into the attack.

6th Over: West Indies 73/4 - Fletcher 42 / Brathwaite 4

Fletcher smokes two fours to start the over..the Windies are actually on track in terms of run rate but only six wickets in hand. And Fletcher goes over cover for six!! What a great shot...and he goes again for another six!!! Better shot..huge over for the Windies.20 off that over.

Kitchen continues

5th Over: West Indies 53/4 - Fletcher 22 / Brathwaite 4

Wicket Alert: Shimron Hetmyer run out 7 (3)

Heymyer goes high to square leg and it just carries over the head of Munro for six...Oh dear..hetmyer is run out,,Fletcher hits and runs but there is no run there to Guptill and Hetmyer is not in the picture. Bratwaite the new batsemen and he smashes his first ball over cover for four.

Mitchell Santner replaces Southee

4th Over: West Indies 42/3 - Fletcher 22 / Heymyer 0

Wicket Alert: Rovman Powell c Williamson b Kitchen 16 (8) 

Powell with another big slog....this time it goes to square leg for four....and he goes again but this is straight up in the air and Williamson makes no mistake..first international wicket for Anaru Kitchen..Heymyer the new batsmen.

Anaru Kitchen replaces Boult

3rd Over: West Indies 37/2 - Fletcher 21 / Powell 12

Nice shot from Fletcher...lifts the ball to the square leg boundry for four... Windies fighting on...and Southee goes shorter..bad plan..Fletcher smashes it to mid wicket for another four...short and wide again and its cut into the crowd for six..and it's caught!!! But he's not wearing a Tui short..Oh what could have been...great over for the Windies ends with another awful short one that is smasjhed by Powell to the fine leg boundry.

Southee to continue

2nd Over: West Indies 18/2 - Fletcher 6 / Powell 8

Boult is hooping the white ball all over the place to begin with.....Fletcher has a pair of two's and then Boult bowls a no ball..Free Hit time!! ..and he bowls another!! was a great delivery that Powell couldn't get bat on but Boult overstepped by a big margin...and now he follows with a big wide so another free hit...and Powell squeezes it past short fine leg for a boundry. Messy over this...Powell smashe the next one through mid wicket for another four...over ends up goinf for 17 runs.

Trent Boult will bowl the second over

1st Over: West Indies 1/2 - Fletcher 1 / Powell 0

Wicket Alert: Chadwick Walton c Munro b Southee 0 (1)

Wicket Alert: Chris Gayle c Phillips b Southee 0 (2)

Walton smashed the first ball straight to the man of the moment at cover...Munro takes a nice low catch and that's an awful start for the Windies but Gayle is the key...and the key is gone!!! Short from Southee..Gayle ducks but doesn't drop the hands and it's gloved through to over already?

Tim Southee to bowl the first over.

Players are back out ... Walton and Gayle to open

As it happened: Blackcaps v West Indies - third Twenty20
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That was some innings from Colin Munro...savage batting. 243 surpasses the 222 they scored against Australia seven years ago. Gayle will need to go big..really big for the Windies to chase this down. Back in five minutes.

20th Over: Blackcaps 243/5 - Phillips 7no / Santner 6no

Wicket Alert: Colin Munro c Hetmyer b Brathwaite 105 (54)

And Munro is gone...fullish that he slammed down to long on but not enough loft and he's well taken by Hetmyer. Phillips with an audacious Dilshan for six!! What a magnificent shot..the ball was a foot wide of off stump and he moved across and played the shot like it's his go to. Brilliant!..,and Santner finsihes the innings with a straight six...What an innings and that is a huge score!

Brathwaite to bowl the last

19th Over: Blackcaps 226/4 - Munro 104 / Phillips 0

Wicket Alert: Kane Williamson b Taylor 19 (8)

Good bowling to start form Taylor..Williamson struggling to get him away...and then kane makes me look like an idiot smashing a straight six over the bowlers guessed it..dropped in the crowd..Williamson follows with the same shot..less loft and it goes for four...This is now NZ's highest ever T20 score...Taylor goes short to adjust and Williamson spanks him to the square leg boundry. Taylor gets him though! Williamson bowled..played it on with an ugly slog. Nice quick knock from the skipper.

Jerome Taylor is back

18th Over: Blackcaps 211/3 - Munro 103 / Williamson 5

Wicket Alert: Anaru Kitchen run out 9 (3)

Confusion as Munro misses a lap attempt..goes through to the keeper and Kitchen is running, Munro isn't..Kitchen sent back but can't make it in time. Williamson the new batsmen. Munro's hundred was the eight fastest in T20 history..fastest by a Kiwi. Another mix up and Munro should have been run out as Williamson set off..the throw missed again and they got overthrows..good over with a ball to go...and he finishes well with Williamson getting two off the last.

Emrit to bowl his last

17th Over: Blackcaps 202/4 - Munro 100 / Kitchen 10

CENTURY! - Colin Munro 100 (47)

That's brilliant from Colin Munro..history making..the first player to score three T20 centuries. Kitchen slams his second ball over long on for six...dropped in the crowd again!! this is crazy!..

Nurse is back

16th Over: Blackcaps 191/2 - Munro 37 / Kitchen 0

Wicket Alert: Tom Bruce b Brathwaite 23 (13)

Superb shot from Bruce through the covers..all away along the ground...He looks a good player...Oh No!! Oh that was close..Munro almost run out off the fifth ball..wasn't in the picture but Gayle's throw missed. Bruce bowled off the last ball..Dilshan scoope goes wrong.

Brathwaite has brought himself back on

15th Over: Blackcaps: 183/1 - Munro 95 / Bruce 17

Munro with a great shot over mid-wicket for six to start the over...Boom! and he goes again off the second..he's 92 now and 8 runs form history which I don't want to jinx...He's off strike off the fourth ball..he could become the first International T20 player to score three hundreds if he scores seven more runs.

Jerome Taylor is back

14th Over: Blackcaps: 167/1 - Munro 80 / Bruce 16

Bruce goes over extra cover for six!!! Great shot....Bruce shows raw power..great talent. ..Emrit does well to limit the damage in that over..just four coming off the last five balls.

Emrit continues

13th Over: Blackcaps 157/1 - Munro 78 / Bruce 8

Bruce has his first boundry...cuts it over gully...not in control but plenty of power...and again the boys in orange with a miss!! Munro spanks it over mid-wicket...and the last ball of the over is even bigger..that's a huge six from Munro and a bit of biff in  the crowd as someone gets stampled on by a six catch attempt...and that man is  not a happy fella.

Badree back for his last over

12th Over: Blackcaps 137/1 - Munro 66 / Bruce 1

Wicket Alert : Martin Guptill c Walton b Emrit 63 (38)

What a shot!! Guptill pulls that into the crowd for a maximum..huge six!...Emrit grabs his first T20 wicket a couple balls later however after Guptill gets an edge through to Walton off a wide half volley...Tom Bruce is the new batsmen.

Emrit is back

11th Over: Blackcaps 128/0 - Guptill 54 / Munro 65

Munro gets away with one to ugly slog goes high but falls safely....we are going upstairs as Guptill may have got a thin edge on a wofty drive..nope looks like he hit the ground and there is a gap between bat and ball...he survives...Munro slams another straight six..and again it's spilled by a Tui shirt in the crowd..just disgraceful from the Mount faithfull...C'mon guys..50K!!

Nurse comes back into the attack

10th Over: Blackcaps - Guptill 53 / Munro 58

Fifty: Martin Guptill 51 (31)

Oh that is sloppy...slower ball down the leg side goes under the keeper and down to the boundry....Guptill picks up four 2's in a round the wides..this is a handy over with no risks taken for NZ...Guptill the deposits one over square leg for six and his fifty. 22 off the over.

Brathwaite continues

9th Over: Blackcaps 96/0 - Guptill 36 / Munro 58

Fifty: Colin Munro 50 (26)

Munro with two sixes to start ... the second one is taken one-handed but it wasn't taken bobbled so he won't win any cash!! Unlucky that man. Emrit does well to bring that back a tad..four singles to finish.

Rayad Emrit on for his T20 debut at age 35

8th Over: Blackcaps 80/0 - Guptill 34 / Munro 44

Brathwaite starts well...five singles and a two off that one.

Carlos Brathwaite replaces Badree

7th Over: Blackcaps 73/0 - Guptill 31 / Munro 41

Great start to the over from teh bowler...then Munro strikes again..over long-on for six..another missed chance for the Tui brigade in the crowd.

Nurse continues

6th Over: Blackcaps 63/0 - Guptill 29 / Munro 33

Guptill with a lovely straight drive over the bowlers head for four to start the over....Badree comes back well again but then the last ball is poor and Munro slams it through cover for another boundry.

Badree to continue

5th Over: Blackcaps 52/0 - Guptill 23 / Munro 28

Munro goes 44 to start the through cover, the second a straight pull...brutal hitting...but he finished well Nurse with 2 runs coming off the last four balls.

Ashley Nurse replaces Taylor ... spin from both ends.

4th Over: Blackcaps 42/0 - Guptill 22 / Munro 19

Three dots to Guptill to start the over....and he almost throws his wicket away off the fourth..squeezes it over cover point..just and it goes away for four....and a poor finish to the over from Badree as the final ball is down leg side and Guptill helps it on it's way for the second foour of the over..four dots and two boundries in that over.

Badree to continue 

3rd Over: Blackcaps 34/0 - Guptill 14 / Munro 19

Oh hit time...Taylor oversteps off the third ball...Munro on strike...he smokes it to mid-wicket but there is a fielder well placed to prevent more than one...Munro goes bang on the fifth ball and it goes over mid-wicket and it's dropped in the crowd!! One handed effort..50k down the pipe.

Taylor to continue

2nd Over: Blackcaps 22/0 - Guptill 11 / Munro 11

Munro smashes a long-hop over square leg for six off the first...then offers a half chance a ball later but a mistimes slog falls between three fielders. Badree fought back well late in the over to prevent too much damage being done but still a great start for NZ.

Samuel Badree to bowl the second over

1st Over: Blackcaps 10/0 - Guptill 9 / Munro 1

Martin Guptill slams the first ball of the game through the covers for a boundry...lovely....couple singles follow and then Guptill guides the final ball through square leg for a second four of the over.

Jerome Taylor to bowl the first over.

6.58pm: Umpires and players on their way out to the is 100% more brighter that it was even 10 minutes ago.

6.56pm: Happy to report that a few shades of blue are punching through up above ... maybe the gods were paying attention.

6.47pm: Grey clouds above ... no rain at the moment, lets hope the cricket gods are kind to us tonight.

6.41pm: Jerome Taylor and debutant Rayad Emrit replace Kesrick Williams and Sheldon Cottrell.

6.40pm: Trent Boult replaces Seth Rance in the only change for the Blackcaps.

6.37pm: Kane Williamson has won the toss and New Zealand will bat first in overcast conditions ... a bit of rain about.

6.35pm: Hello all and welcome to live updates of the third T20 between the Blackcaps and the West Indies in Mount Maunganui.

The no result in game two meaning the tourists can't win the series but can end the tour on a high with a win tonight to lever the ledger.

Will have toss and team news for you shortly

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