As it happened: PDC World Darts Championship final - Phil Taylor vs Rob Cross

Live updates as Phil Taylor looks to claim his 17th world title against newcomer Rob Cross.
Live updates as Phil Taylor looks to claim his 17th world title against newcomer Rob Cross. Photo credit: Getty Images


11:03 am: Now Rob Cross lifts his trophy and hands it over to Phil Taylor. Great scenes at the Ally Pally. 

11:02 am: Phil Taylor receives the runner-up trophy and the crowd is chanting his name. I'm emotional just watching it.

11:00 am: ROB CROSS IS THE WORLD CHAMPION! What a fitting way to end the tournament of upsets. He is in shock! 

SET NINE - GAME THREE: Cross is now throwing for the title. But he opens up with 59 while Taylor opens up with 180. But Cross leaves 190 after nine. He needs this. Cross wins it!

SET NINE - LEG TWO: Rob Cross opens up with 140 and the 27-year-old has the advantage in the leg. The is absolute class by Cross who is not giving up and looks determined as ever. He is now one leg away. 

SET NINE - LEG ONE: Now Rob Cross has the darts to win the match. He gets to a finish first. He leaves 40 and converts. He is now two legs away. 

SET EIGHT - LEG THREE: Cross goes for 132 but misses the bull and now Taylor will have to hit 141 to win the set, but he can only get 109. Cross shows nerves as he can't convert with 32. The match will go on as Taylor wins the set.

SET EIGHT - LEG TWO: Taylor hits 18- to leave 198 after six an then leaves 63 after nine and checks out on his next go and now he has the darts tow in the set. That is Taylor's ninth leg in the match. 

SET EIGHT - LEG ONE: This could be the last set of the match here and Taylor has the darts. It seems like Taylor is now just here for the show as he applauds the crowd for finding their voice. Cross misses 72 and Taylor finishes 47. 

SET SEVEN - LEG FOUR: Taylor needs 161 and he perfectly hits the first two darts but misses the bill. Cross needs 93 and hits double 18 to win the set. He has not missed that double the entire match. 

SET SEVEN - LEG THREE: Cross lands his 11th 180 in the leg to set up 104. He leaves 32 and hits the double 16 with his second dart. 

SET SEVEN - LEG TWO: A rare leg win for Taylor an the crowd is loving it. Can he break back because he needs to otherwise it is over. 

SET SEVEN - LEG ONE: A 14-darter by Rob Cross and he takes out the first leg of the set. The crowd is stunned. I am stunned. I think everybody I stunned. 

SET SIX - LEG FOUR: This is one-way traffic as Cross comfortably wins the sixth set and is now two away from winning it all. He has his eye on the prize. 

SET SEX - LEG THREE: Taylor opens up with a 180 and nearly bangs in another but the last dart goes just above the wire. He then lands 123 to take out the leg. 

SET SIX - LEG TWO - 13 dart leg by Cross to take out the leg. 

SET SIX - LEG ONE: Rob Cross is well on his way as he takes out the first leg in the sixth set. Cross is averging 109. 

SET FIVE - LEG THREE: Cross opens up with 180 and is the first to a finish. Cross misses bull to take the set, but he comes back to take out the set. 

SET FIVE - LEG TWO: 140, 140, then 180 by Rob Cross which leaves 41 and he has no trouble converting. 

SET FIVE - LEG ONE: Cross opens the set with 137, then Taylor hits back with 180, and then another 180 so he is on a nine-darter! He hits triple 20, then triple 19 and then double 12!!! NOOOOOO!!!! It has his the wire - it has just gone above! He has never thrown a nine-darter at the World Champs. 

However it is Rob Cross who takes out the set. 

SET FOUR - LEG THREE: Phil Taylor hits the 80 finish to win the fourth set. Can he come back from 3-0 down? That was a 12 dart leg for the man from Stoke-On-Trent. 

SET FOUR - LEG TWO: Cross needs 127 and has a dart at the bull, but hits the outer bull and then Taylor checksout 50. Is the fightback on? 

SET FOUR - LEG ONE: Taylor gets to a finish first to leave 151 but Cross is on 208 and then hits 180 to leave 28. But Taylor counters and hits 151 and the crowd loves it. That is his highest checkout in the tournament. 

SET THREE - LEG THREE: Taylor has thrown a few wayward darts and the crowd is finding its voice by singing the Phil Taylor chant again. Taylor is the first to a finish as he looks to break the throw. But Cross has 153 and he lands it. This is magical by Rob Cross who is coasting to victory. 

SET THREE - LEG TWO: Taylor opens up with 100, but Cross hits back with 180, and then 139. He is dominating the 16-time world champion. He then takes out 52 for an 11-leg dart. 

SET THREE - LEG ONE: Cross is the first to a finish and he is miles ahead. He can take his time to take out the leg. He leaves 36 after 15 darts and as three darts at ouble 18 but he only needs one. 

9:48 am: Cross is averaging107.34afte two sets while Taylor is on 102.78. However Cross is 60% on doubles compared to Taylor's 28.57% 

SET TWO - LEG FOUR: Both Cross and Taylor throw 60 with their first darts. Later in the leg, Taylor lands another 180 to leave 121. But Cross needs 167... Triple 20, then triple 19 and then the BULLSEYE to take out the set! That is magical by Cross who now leads 2-0. 

SET TWO - LEG THREE: Taylor starts the leg with a  140 and is followed by 180 and then 96 to leave 85 after nine. He can take his time as Cross isn't on a finish. A 14 dart leg as he hits tops and now will have to break the throw in the fourth to set up a fifth leg.   

SET TWO - LEG TWO: Cross is first to leave a finish in the leg and Taylor is not far behind. But Cross finishes 68 and leads 2-0 in the second set

SET TWO - LEG ONE: Taylor opens up with 177 and leaves 132 after nine. But Cross leaves 47. Two missthrows by Taylor hands advantage to Cross but he missess two darts at double 16. Taylor missess a dart at tops and Cross hits double 16 to take the lead in the second. 

9:36 am: Phil Taylor has the darts in the second set. He will look to hit back right away. In his semi-final, he lost the opening set to Jamie Lewis. 

SET ONE - LEG FOUR: Taylor opens with his first maxium of the match. and leaves 147 after nine. He then lands triple 20, then triples 17 and just misses double 18. Cross then responds with three triple 19s to leave 47. Taylor busts on 36 and Cross capitalises to get the break of throw and the opening set. 

SET ONE - LEG THREE: Rob Cross opens with the first 180 of the game and Taylor responds with 56. Then another 180 with his third throw to leave 58 after nine darts. He then checksout 58 to go up 2-1 in the set. 

SET ONE - LEG TWO: Taylor nearly throws the first 180 bt the last darts drops in the lower 20 section. Later in the leg, Cross has two darts bounce out and Taylor pounces by landing double 16 with a14 darter. 

SET ONE - LEG ONE: Cross opens up with 100, and so does Taylor. Cross hits back with 140, while Taylor can only manage 45 in response. 97 then by Cross and 145 by Taylor. Both are now on finishes, and Cross takes the first leg by hitting double 18.

9:22 am: The chant starts again. "There is only one Phil Taylor. One Phil Taylor. Walking along, singing this song Walking in a Taylor wonderland." 

9:21 am: Taylor stops to take selfies before hitting the stage. You can see the emotion and he waves to the crowd. 

9:20 am: "He is, the record-breaking, history-making, 16-times, champion of the world... it's Phil 'The Power' Taylor!!!!"  

9:18 am: Rob Cross is heading to the stage first. I must admit he is looking cool, calm and collected. 

9:16 am: This is feeling quite emotional being Taylor's last ever match as a professional. The crowd is going to go crazy when he makes his way out to the oche. 

9:13 am: Looking at the stats and averages, they are almost identical. 

9:03 am: This is a cracking atmosphere inside the Ally Pally as the crowd is already singing 'There is only one Phil Taylor' 

9:00 am: 15 minutes away! 

8:56 am: We are very close to the first dart being thrown! I am so excited for this, I am already shaking with excitement! This will be a cracking game of darts as both player face off for the first time. 

8:45 am: One of the biggest stories to come out of the World Championships involved a New Zealander. 

Bernie Smith was throwing to win the match when his opponent, Justin Pipe was seen coughing as he was going to throw. Smith missed, and Pipe capitalised to win the match. 

8:40 am: Here are five reasons why you should have watched the 2018 World Darts Championship.

8:34 am: The final for those who don't know is best of 13 sets, so to win, you must win seven sets. 

8:32 pm: Phil Taylor admits he's been 'lucky' to reach World Darts Championship final

8:29 am: The final is scheduled to start just after 9 am (NZ time) or 8 pm (UK time). 

8:28 am: The winner of the final will take home £400,000 (NZ$760,000) and the runner-up £170,000 (NZ$323,000).

8:23 am: Taylor is appearing in the 21st final of his 29 World Championship appearances.

The Power claimed his maiden world title on his debut back in 1990 - the same year that Cross was born in! 

8:20 am: Rob Cross will be throwing first in the match after Phil Taylor won the pre-match Bull-up and has given the throw to Rob Cross.

Hello and welcome to updates of the PDC World Darts Championship final between Phil 'The Power' Taylor' and Rob 'Voltage' Cross from the Alexandra Palace, London.

We bring you live streaming written commentary, post-match video (be sure to refresh your browser) and all the action. 

Commentary will start from around 8:20 am (NZ time). In the meantime check out the video above as Rob Cross talks about playing in his first ever World Championship final.

Rob Cross.
Rob Cross. Photo credit: Getty Images

Rob Cross has shocked the darting world when he beat defending champion Michael van Gerwen 6-5 in an epic semi-final match, while Taylor beat Welshman Jamie Lewis 6-1 to reach his 21st final.

The final is Cross' first ever while Taylor will be looking to claim his 17th World Title in his final match as a professional. 

Betting Odds:

Phil Taylor - $1.75 Rob Cross $2.00

Most 180s - Phil Taylor - $5.00 Rob Cross $1.20

Pre-game banter: Rob Cross determined to beat retiring Phil Taylor in World Darts Championship final

This time last year, Rob Cross was sitting at home preparing to watch the World Darts Championship final with his family. Fast-forward 12 months, he has the opportunity to become world champion on Tuesday morning (NZ time).

It has been a crazy year for Cross, who is in his first year as a professional with the Professional Darts Cooperation.

The 27-year-old stunned the darting world when he beat Micahel van Gerwen 6-5 in the semi-finals to book his spot in the final against retiring legend Phil Taylor.

The final will be Taylor's last match as a professional, bringing down the curtain on an illustrious career which has seen him win 16 world titles.

Facing Taylor for the first time will be Cross' biggest match of his young career, but he has no plans to go easy on the retiring Taylor. He is confident he can stay calm, and not let the occasion get to him.

"I won't be disrespectful to Phil but I have to be myself," said Cross.

"I am quite aggressive when I play and whether it's his last game on stage it doesn't matter to me. It's a great privilege to be playing him in his last match, but I am here to win.

"I have always been able to throw darts, but I had to give up a few years ago to provide for my family. Since having three kids, and the responsibility that goes with it, I know what it's like to graft for money.

"I am not here for the fame, but I believe I can still improve my game by 30 percent. Then I can do some real damage."

Back in November, Cross met Taylor at the Grand Slam of Darts in Wolverhampton and concedes he showed far too much deference to the greatest player of all-time.

"The first time I spoke to him was at the Grand Slam six weeks ago and I got my photo taken with him. It sounds sad now, doesn't it?

"But he did say, 'You and me in the final at the world championship, bud.' He must be Mystic Meg.

"I've watched Phil play on TV since I was about 12 and I fell in love with darts. He is an inspiration, and now I am going to be playing an inspiration in the final so I need to be inspired.

"I don't know if I'll ever get this opportunity again. If I am aggressive, it won't be anything personal.

"It is a great privilege playing him in his last match but I have to do what is right for me and whether it is his last game on the stage it does not matter. I want to win."


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