New Zealand Warriors submitting tender for one of six women's NRL franchises

The Warriors will find out next month if their bid is successful.
The Warriors will find out next month if their bid is successful. Photo credit: Photosport

The New Zealand Warriors are keen to have a team involved in the upstart women's NRL competition which is scheduled to launch in August this year.

The NRL unveiled late last year plans for a six team competition that would run for six weeks, with a final scheduled on grand final day as a curtain raiser for the men.

NRL CEO Todd Greeenberg stated in December that he expects a fairly robust tender process, as early interest had been showing by multiple clubs in securing a franchise.

Warriors CEO Cameron George has told Newshub that the Warriors are in the process of seeking a spot in the competition.

"We are at the stage now where we are putting together a submission," Geroge told Newshub.

"It will be up to the NRL as to who they choose.

"By the end of February we should know if we are in or out.

"We are keen to proceed forward on that basis. It will be great for our game and our brand.

"We have to get our own backyard in order before we start expanding but I truly believe that this is something we need to explore."

Warriors CEO Cameron George
Warriors CEO Cameron George Photo credit: Photosport

George has played a major roll off the field during the off-season as the Warriors dipped heavily into the player market

The Auckland based club has brought in eight new faces including Premiership winners Tohu Harris and Adam Blair.

George said the accusations of the two Kiwis internationals, as well as experienced players such as Blake Green and Peter Hiku is all part of turning around a club that has missed playoff football six-years straight.

"We set out at the end of last season to sign all the guys we ended up getting," George told Newshub.

"I'm really impressed with the type of person we recruited.

"We are really getting the right people involved. Their work ethic and leadership skills are second to none and that's what I'm impressed with.

"Time will tell on a lot of things that we are doing - but from what I am hearing from the football department things are heading in the right direction."

Blake Green, the Warriors new standoff.
Blake Green, the Warriors new standoff. Photo credit: Photosport
Kiwis captain Adam Blair was a big off-season recruit for the NRL club.
Kiwis captain Adam Blair was a big off-season recruit for the NRL club. Photo credit: Photosport

George isn't making promises on how successful 2018 will be for the battling club, but he said fans can expect a change in attitude.

"Every time we go out on the field we want to represent our fans with pride and commitment," George said.

"If we don't win it won't be for lack of pride or commitment in regards to that particular game.

"I'm not going to stand here and tell you we are going to make top four, top six or top eight.

"Irrespective of where we are on the ladder I want to see a rugby league team that is ready and committed to win. It's all about effort.

"I want the team to win. We have to train and prepare well in order to be ready to in every game. If that's 26 times this year then that is fantastic."

The Warriors season begins on March 10 against South Sydney in Perth.


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