As it happened: Blackcaps vs England – T20 Tri-Series Game 4

England 184/9 (Target 197) New Zealand win by 12 runs.

So a much needed win for New Zealand. If the can grab a win in either of their final two games they will play Australia in the final later this month. Speaking of Australia that's who NZ has next ... on Friday at Eden Park.

20th Over: England 184/9 Rashid 8 (6) Wood 5 (3)

Boult to bowl the last and he is on a hat-trick.

He can't get it. Rasid sneaks a cheeky 2.

Four. Wood swings and it goes over the keepers head.

Three sixes needed to win ... nope .. dot ball and the Blackcaps will win this.

Four off the last ball ... Rashid gets it oast fine leg but it's not enough.

19th Over: 172/9 Rashid 1 (3) Wood 0 (0)

Southee will bowl his final over ... England need 29 from 12 balls.

Wicket: David Willey run out (Seifert) 21 (10)

This is great from Southee ... just the 3 runs from 4 balls. Willey on strike now.

He can only muster a single ... one to come in the 19th.

Perfect from Tim and he NZ may have a run out ... desperate run and Willey is caught short. Great over from Southee.

18th Over: England 168/8 Willey 19 (7) Rashid 0 (0)

Boult to bowl his third. He has been expensive going for 28.

Wicket: Chris Jordan b Boult 6 (6)

Wicket: Liam Plunkett b Boult 0 (1)

Four. Boult goes short and Jordan say's 'Thanks' and smashed it to square leg.

Out! Boult get's him with the yorker. Lovely Trenty!

First ball! Plunkett charges the yorker and it goes right through him. Boulty on a hat-trivk next over.

17th Over: 160/6 Willey 18 (6) Jordan 1 (2)

Santner to bowl his last.

Wicket: Dawid Malan c Boult b Santner 59 (40)

Six! Malan goes very big again. Over mid-wicket. England in front now.

Out! he can't get all of that one. Tries to go over long on but he dioesn't get enough on it and Boult runs in and takes the catch.

Dropped! Jordan gets away with that one! Southee drops a goober. Straight to him and he looked like he was comfortable but it goes down!

16th Over: England 149/5 Malan 51 (37) Willey 17 (5)

Sodhi will bowl his final over.

Six! Willey from his first ball. Over mid-wicket. What a shot.

Six! Dropped! Willey goes big again but not quite enough on it and Santner has a chance but he goal keeper's it over the boundary rope. That could be huge. 18 off the over.

15th Over: England 131/5 Malan 50 (36) Willey 0 (0)

Santner is back.

Wicket: Sam Billings c Sodhi b Santner 12 (11)

Good start from Mitch. Just a single from the first two balls.

Santner gets away with a full toss ... straight to the midwicket fielder along the ground.

Out! Very well bowled Mitchell. Floats it up - Billings on the slog sweep but he gets a top edge and Sodhi takes a nice catch a short fine-leg.

Six and a wicket. Great over for NZ. Malan has fifty,

14th Over: England 125/4 Malan 47 (34) Billings 8(6)

Southee is back - England require 80 from 42 balls.

Four. Much needed off the fourth ball. Billings rocks back off a short ball and lifts it past the fine leg fielder for four runs.

13th Over: England 117/4 Malan 47 (32) Billings 2 (3)

Big Colin continues.

Three off the first four. Malan needs to go big again.

Four. And he does. Through covers. Great shot ... just brutal.

12th Over: England 109/4 Malan 40 (29) Billings 0 (0)

Sodhi back into the attack.

Wicket: Jos Buttler c Southee b Sodhi 2 (4)

Six! Malan goes huge! On the slog sweep and it goes a long way over mid-wicket. Brutal shot from Malan.

Four. Malan on the reverse sweep next ball ... goes over short fine leg and that's another four.

Out! Looked like a six off the bat but the wind gets a hold of it and Southee positions himself under it and takes it at long-off. Huge wicket. A bit of luck as Buttler got all of that.

11th Over: England 97/3 Malan 29 (26) Buttler 1 (1)

Big Colin de Grandhomme into the attack.

Wicket: James Vince run out (Williamson) 10 (7)

Chance! No. Would have been a screamer. Malan goes over cover and Santner rns around and dives but can't pull it in. It trickles over the boundary for four. Would have been the catch of the season.

Run out! Vince on the hit and run but Williamson gets to it quickly at mid-off ... hits direct and Vince is short of hos ground. 

7 and a wicket off that one. The game is on Buttler's bat. He is the big wicket for NZ.

10th Over: England 90/2 Malan 23 (20) Vince 10 (6)

Colin Munro gets a second over.

Six: Effortless from Vince over long-on. That was a magnificent shot by the new batsmen.

Nice comeback from Munro ... 8 off that over.

9th Over: England 82/2 Malan 22 (19) Vince 2 (2)

Sodhi to continue.

Wicket: Alex Hales c de Grandhomme b Sodhi 47 (24)

Four. Reverse sweep by Malan. Superb shot.

Out. Half tracker from Sodhi and Hales smashes it straight to de Grandhomme. Sodhi gets away with a shocker there but he has bowled well with no luck until then.

8th Over: England 74/ Malan 17 (17) Hales 47 (23)

Colin Munro to bowl his all-sorts.

Two off the first four balls but England have gone big late in overs tonight.

Great over Colin! Just the 3 runs. 

7th Over: England 71/1 Malan 15 (15) Hales 46 (20)

Here comes Ish Sodhi.

Four. Picked the googly and Malan thrashes it through covers for four.

Six. Hales goes big off the last ball. Had been a great over to that point but Hales just launched into that ... takes a risk but it pays off.

6th Over: England 60/1 Hales 40 (18) Malan 10 (10)

Southee replaces Santner.

Southee taking the pace off. Malan is on the attack but he can't get him away yet.

Almost gets a wicket off ball 3. Malan on the pull from a slow bouncer and he almost hits it directly to de Grandhomme but it gets to him on the bounce.

Four. Malan times that one. Same shot but right out of the middle and in between the two boundary riders.

Lucky! Great ball from Southee. Malan gets the edge and almost plays it on. It goes away for three.

5th Over: England 51/1 Hales 39 (17) Malan 2 (5)

Boult is back.

Six! Hales on the pull and it's into the stand. That was far from middled as well so shows the power Alex Hales has.

Hales slogs and is almost caught at mid-off. Doesn't quite carry.

Four. What a shot off a great yorker. From middle stump he guides it through gully for four.

Six! Short and Hales smashes it. Smashes it! Hige six.

Four. Hales goes again over gully for four. 20 runs off that Boult over.

4th Over: England 31/1 Hales 19 (11) Malan 2 (50

Santner will continue.

This will be a record run chase at Westpac Stadium if England can chase it down.

Four. Hales rocks back off a short one and powers it through mid-wicket. Great shot Alex Hales.

Appeal for LBW on Malan off the final ball but it pitched outside leg.

3rd Over: England 23/1 Hales 13 (7) Malan 1 (3)

Tim Southee into the attack.

Wicket: Jason Roy c Boult b Southee 8 (8)

Out! Southee has one from his first ball. Roy tries to lift it over mid-off but he gets zero timing and Boult takes a sitter.

A great over is tainted slightly as Hales thrashes the fifth ball through point and the final ball straight down the ground. Nine and a wicket off that one.

2nd Over: England 14/0 Roy 8 (7) Hales 5 (5)

Mitchell Santner will open up. Interesting.

Nice start from Santner. 2 off the first four balls but he can't keep it up as the fifth ball is full and wide and Hales thrashes it through the off-side.

1st Over: England 8/0 Roy 8 (6) Hales 0 (0)

Trent Bout to open up ... Jason Roy on strike.

Boult starts well. First four balls right on target. No runs yet.

Four. Roy is underway. Short and he rocks back and powers it through square-leg.

Four. Make that two in a row. Through covers. Short again but outside off and he rocks back and powers it through to the cover boundary. England away.

New Zealand 196/5 (Refresh your browser for the latest score)

That is a pretty good result for New Zealand. Pitch looks awful on the eye but played very well. Williamson and Guptill played superbly while the two debutants, Chapman and Seifert showed why they deserved selection witha  couple cameo innings.

Be back at 8.50pm for the England chase.

20th Over: New Zealand 196/5 Seifert 14 (6) Taylor 1 (1)

Chris Jordan to bowl the final over.

Seifert has his first two international runs of his second ball after a swing and a miss first time up.

Six! Seifert goes over point. Great shot from a half volley and wide and he smashes it over the boundary.

Six! Back to back from the debutant! Over long off. What a brilliant shot. 200 is on.

Seifert swings and misses. One ball to go.

One run off the last ball. Another swing and miss from Seifert but he did a great job and so did the Blackcaps.

19th Over: New Zealand 181/5 Taylor 1(1) Seifert 0 (0)

Mark Wood back for his last.

Wicket: Mark Chapman c Billings b Wood 20 (13)

Six! Chapman goes bang! Over mid-wicket for another big six. Great shot and this young fella has big power.

Dropped! Billing puts it down at mid-wicket. Not timed from Chapman and he flicks it straight to Billings can't get under it. It was low but he should have snatched that one.

Chapman playing mind games with Wood. Movig around the crease - Wood tries to guess which way he will go but he flings it down legside for a wide.

Out! Chapman launches again but this time he can't get enough on it and Billings makes amends.

18th Over: New Zealand 169/4 Chapman 12 (8) Taylor 0 (0)

Jordan back in now.

Wicket: Kane Williamson b Jordan 72 (46)

Two dots to start. Williamson looking to slog ... nice slower balls from Jordan.

Third ball of the over is quite possibly the widest wide I have ever seen. Jeepers it missed the pitch.

Three runs from four legal balls so far ... Can Jordan finish off as he started?

Out! Brilliant bowling to end a great knock. Williamson moves across his stumps and goes for the lap shot but he plays it onto his stumps. Superb over from Chris Jordan.


17th Over: New Zealand 166/3 Williamson 71 (41) Chapman 11 (7)

David Willey back into the attack.

Williamson hits another gap and it looks to be going for four through cover but Malan makes a great stop to keep it to two runs.

Six! Chapman goes big! Magnificent shot over square leg ... flicked it but with huge power. Well played young man.

Review in progress for LBW. Chapman on the pull and misses a slower ball. Given not out and England want to have a look at it. Ball tracker says it is missing.

16th Over: New Zealand 154/3 Williamson 66 (38) Chapman 4 (4)

Mark Wood back into the attack.

Wow! Six! Huge six from Williamson over mid wicket and that's his fifty! What a sound that made.

Six! He goes again over fine leg. That's almost a better shot as he goes down on one leg!

Williamson goes through mid-wicket ... looks like it will go for four but the two fielders combine to prevent the four. Great work.

Four. Williamson in great form tonight. This time he does hit the gap. 20 runs off the over.

15th Over: New Zealand 134/3 Williamson 47 (33) Chapman 3 (3)

Plunkett to bowl his last.

Six! Williamson as straight as you get ... over the bowlers head. Great shot. 

Chapman survives his first ball ... bunts it back to the bowler. No run.

Chapman has his first run off his second ball.

14th Over: New Zealand 122/3 Williamson 39 (30) Chapman 0 (0)

Rashid to bowl his last ... 0/33 so far.

Wicket: Martin Guptill c Plunkett b Rashid 65 (40)

Wicket: Colin de Grandhomme c Jordan b Rashid 0 (1)

Dropped! Caught and bowled chance for Rashid. Williamson smashed it back to his right but Rashid couldn't hold on to it.

Out! Rashid has Guptill but it was a bit lucky. Full toss down leg side and Guptill hits it straight to Plunkett at short fine leg. Nice knock from Guppy.

Colin de Grandhomme is the new man.

Out! De Grandhomme gone first ball. What a catch. Colin smashes it to long off and Jordan takes a one handed stunner and just stays in the field of play. Brilliant.

13th Over: New Zealand 119/1 Guptill 64 (38) Williamson 37 (26)

Plunkett to bowl his third over.

Plunkett bowling very well ... changing his pace well. Two runs from the first three balls.

Jinxed him ... Wide ball from the fifth ball ... 

Really did jinx him. Williamson lifts a full bunger over square-leg for six.

12th Over: New Zealand 109/1 Guptill 63 (36) Williamson 30 (23)

Chris Jordan back into the attack.

Superb shot from Williamson through the covers but a tremendous stop from Willey prevents four.

Guptill is in great nick ... wide ball from Jordan and he guides the ball to the gully boundary for another four.

10 runs from that over.

11th Over: New Zealand 99/1 Guptill 57 (33) Williamson 27 (20)

Rashid to continue.

Huge six from Guptill and that's his fifty! Over wide long-on this time on the slog sweep. Great shot and great innings.

And he goes massive next ball! Wow! Almost roofed it over mid-wicket - same shot. Fifty partnership up. Classic Guppy as his head stayed down.

10th Over: New Zeland 83/1 Guptill 43 (29) Williamson 25 (18)

Willey back into the attack.

Williamson cover drives for four. Vintage Kane there - great shot!

And now Williamson goes with a flat pull shot that almost carries for six. Another superb shot from the skipper.

9th Over: New Zealand 71/1 Guptill 42 (28) Williamson 14 (13)

Rashid to continue.

The single drought is broken. Guptill smashes his over mid-wicket. Huge shot.

8th Over: New Zealand 60/1 Guptill 33 (24) Williamson 12 (11)

Plunkett to bowl his second.

Blackcaps struggling to break the shackles ... last nine scoring shots all singles. 

Just the four singles off that over. Nice change of pace bowling from Plunkett.

7th Over: New Zealand 56/1 Guptill 31 (21) Williamson 10 (8)

Adil Rashid into the attack - replacing Wood.

Pretty sensible cricket in that over for New Zealand brings six singles off Rashid's first.

6th Over: New Zealand 50/1 Guptill 28 (18) Williamson 7 (5)

Liam Plunkett into the attack to replace Willey.

Couple singles for the Blackcaps from the first 3 balls.

Williamson smokes the last ball through the covers for four ... great confidence booster for the skipper.

5th Over: New Zealand 42/1 Guptill 26 (16) Williamson 1 (1)

Mark Wood changes ends.

Wicket: Colin Munro c Billings b Wood 11 (13)

Guptill goes bang over cover for four ... brutal shot, almost carried for six.

And Wood has him! Munro tries to smash him over the square-leg boundary but he can't get enough on it and Billings takes a sitter.

Oh geez!!! Williamson almost run out first ball! Never a run there, straight to the bowler who had a half-hour to throw the stumps down but he misses.

4th Over: New Zealand 33/0 Guptill 20 (13) Munro 11 (11)

Chris Jordan replaces Wood.

A couple nice quick singles to start the over for Guptill and Munro. Nice shot from Munro ... he pulls Jordan over short fine-leg for his second four.

Munro almost caught off the last ball at deep square leg ... it just falls short of Malan.

3rd Over: New Zealand 26/0 Guptill 19 (12) Munro 5 (6)

Willey will continue.

Three fours in a row for Guptill ... he flicks Willey through square leg.

Make that four!!! Magnificent straight drive..16 off his last 4 balls.

Last three balls are dots from Willey. Nice comeback.

2nd Over: New Zealand 17/0 Guptill 11 (7) Munro 5 (5)

Mark Wood to bowl.

Munro straight drives the first ball for four ... lovely shot.

Guptill almost chops on from ball 3 but it just scrapes past off-stump.

Lovely shot through mid-wicket for Guptil and he has his first boundary and he grabs his second off the next ball with the ramp cut.

1st Over: New Zealand 4/0 (Guptill 3 (3) Munro 1 (3)

David Willey will open the bowling for England with Martin Guptill taking strike.

Guptill away off the first ball with a couple. A big chunk of the pitch came out after the ball made contact ... not good.

Munro charges his second ball and misses - and the ball inches over the top of off-stump. 4 off the first.

6.59pm: Williamson will bat 3, Chapman 4 and Seifert 7 with de Grandhomme promoted to 6.

6.56pm: Players and umpires out on the park to pay tribute to the late Bevan Congdon who passed away two days ago.

6.52pm: Former England batsmen David Lloyd has put the onus on Adil Rashid to bowl England to victory tonight - he has a very good record in short-form cricket against New Zealand including a 6-wicket bag three-years ago in England.

6.46pm: Colin Munro has scored almost 35% of all New Zealand's runs in the T20 games he has played this year. He is the key to a big total for the Blackcaps.

6.44pm: Every game in this series the team batting first has lost - bad omen for the Kiwis? We shall see.

6.41pm: Cool stat - Mark Chapman scored 100 on debut for Hong Kong in 2015. Can he back that up today?

6.38pm: The wicket looks strange - bare patches al over it, lumped in with some grass. No brainer to bowl first.

6.36pm: Eion Morgan won't play - Jos Buttler to captain England. Both new faces in the Blackcaps have been selected ... debuts for Tim Siefert and Mark Chapman.

6.35pm: England have won the toss and will bowl first.

Thank you for joining us for live updates from Wellington’s Westpac Stadium where New Zealand host England in Game 4 of the T20 Tri-Series.

Both sides are yet to register a win, New Zealand losing its opening game to Australia in Sydney while England have lost two straight to David Warner’s side.

Both captains are under an injury cloud and may not play – we will have toss and team news at 6.35pm.



Jason Roy, Alex Hales, Dawid Malan, James Vince, Jos Buttler, Sam Billings, David Willey, Adil Rashid, Liam Plunkett, Chris Jordan, Mark Wood

New Zealand 

Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson, Mark Chapman, Ross Taylor, Colin de Grandhomme, Tim Seifert, Mitchell Santner, Tim Southee, Trent Boult, Ish Sodhi

Form Guide

New Zealand: LLLWW / England LLLWL

Match Officials

Umpires: Wayne Knights (NZ), Paul Wilson (Aus)

TV umpire: Shaun Haig (NZ)

TAB Odds

Head to head: New Zealand $1.92 Australia $1.82

Top run scorer NZ: Colin Munro $3.75, Colin de Grandhomme $10.00

Top run scorer AUS: Jason Roy $3.75, Jos Buttler $6.00