As it happened: Blackcaps vs England - T20 Tri-Series Game 6

New Zealand can qualify for the Tri-Series final with a win.
New Zealand can qualify for the Tri-Series final with a win. Photo credit: Getty

10:18pm - England win by 2 runs

20th over - New Zealand 192/4 Chapman 37 (30) De Grandhomme 7 (5)

Curran to bowl the final over, New Zealand need 11 runs. First three balls are good and just a single conceeded off each...First poor bowl is a low full-toss and Chapman works it on the legside for four runs, great shot...Chapman misses the next ball but they run through for a bye. Four need off the final ball! Oh no! De Grandhomme can only find the fielder for a single, England win!

19th over - New Zealand 183/4 Chapman 32 (27) De Grandhomme 4 (2)

De Grandhomme inside edges one off his feet for four runs...Jordan bowls a waist-high no-ball and Chapman will have a free-hit, look out! Jordan trying hard not to give up the big shot but instead bowls a wide...Pearler of a ball by Jordan, yorker, and Chapman can only keep it out for a dot ball...Chapman looked to be a bowled but it's no-ball! And a free-hit! Wide yorker and it's no run.

18th over - New Zealand 174/4 Chapman 31 (21) De Grandhomme 0 (0)

Wicket: Taylor c Morgan b Curran 7 (6)

Taylor smashes Curran through the covers for four runs, New Zealand cruising...Nevermind, Taylor is gone! Looks to go big but can only find the fielder at mid-on...Chapman not risking it and just looking for singles at the moment. New Zealand need just one run to qualify for the final.

17th over - New Zealand 167/3 Chapman 29 (19) Ross Taylor 2 (2)

Wicket: Guptill b Malan 62 (47)

Bang! Guptill stats another Malan over with a huge six! And another! This time on the offside, as he leans back and smokes it for maximum...Not a third time however, and he's bowled! Went for another, but it's a bit too straight and finally has to depart...Taylor is off the mark straight away with a single down the ground.

16th over - New Zealand 152/2 Guptill 50 (44) Chapman 28 (18)

Jordan returns and Guptill shows him the straight bat for a six down the ground, he's got into his groove now...Incredible shot, Chapman goes down on one knew and scoops it over the legside for four runs, classy as classy gets...Guptill brings up his half-century on the final with an easy single.

15th over - New Zealand 138/2 Guptill 42 (41) Chapman 23 (15)

Malan now going to have a bowl, he's a part-timer so look out! And Guptill treats him as such as he launches him for a six on the legside...Malan drops a very tough caught and bowled chance, was hit extremely hard...Guptill goes big and almost gets bowled, very close.

14th over - New Zealand 126/2 Guptill 35 (38) Chapman 18 (11)

Chapman comes down the track to Dawson and launches him on the legside for a maximum...Well, ugh, Dawson had a great chance to have a caught and bowled, but instead jumps and tries to avoid the returning ball, bizarre. Four runs...Chapman finishes the over a great shot for six over on the legside, fantastic shot.

13th over - New Zealand 108/2 Guptill 30 (36) Chapman 5 (8)

Chapman goes inside out and almost finds the fielder but luckily hits the deck first...England blow an absolute golden chance of a run-out opporunity but Willey's throw is a poor one...Great piece of fielding on the final means a probable boundary is just one run.

12th over - New Zealand 103/2 Guptill 28 (34) Chapman 2 (4)

Wicket: Wiliamson b Dawson 8 (13)

Got 'em! Dawson bowls the skipper! Kane came down the track to try and whip it away but yorks himself! Could that be the turning point? Chapman the new batsman and gets off the marks straight away.

11th over - New Zealand 100/1 Guptill 27 (33) Williamson 8 (12)

England persisting with spin, tying New Zealand down, but they need wickets...Guptill works a straighter one for a single down the ground...Almost out! An edge finds grass after the fielder has only just been taken out of position, Guptill remains.

10th over - New Zealand 94/1 Guptill 23 (29) Williamson 6 (10)

Dawson continues and Guptill and Williamson trading singles as New Zealand content with their current score. Guptill's faced a lot of balls but has yet to cut loose.

9th over - New Zealand 91/1 Guptill 21 (26) Williamson 4 (7)

Guptill starts the over with a fantastic cut shot for four runs of Rashid...New Zealand happy with that and just play the rest of the over out with singles.

8th over - New Zealand 82/1 Guptill 15 (23) Williamson 2 (4)

Liam Dawson, another spinner, is in to the attack...Starts with just one run, before only conceding one more run the rest of the over. Good stuff. Will Guptll takeover Munro's role?

7th over - New Zealand 80/1 Guptill 14 (20) Williamson 1 (1)

Wicket: Munro c Willey b Rashid 57 (21)

Guptill almost loses his wicket to Rashid but it falls just short of the fielder, lucky...Munro finally loses his wicket, Rashid tossed it up, Munro went big but couldn't get enough of it and it Willey takes a good catch near the boundary...Rashid not scared to toss it up but Kane is up to the task and works it away for one.

6th over - New Zealand 77/0 Guptill 12 (16) Munro 57 (20)

Guptill follows suit and top edges a Jordan ball for a boundary on the offside...England looked stunned in the field to be honest, not sure they expected New Zealand to make it as easy as they have...Munro looking so comfortably all over the ground as he cuts one through the covers for four.

5th over - New Zealand 66/0 Guptill 6 (12) Munro 52 (18)

Munro in some fine form tonight, it's a good ball, but Munro rocks back and smacks it over the boundary rope...An absolutely poor ball from Willey is duely smacked through the covers by Munro...And Munro brings up his 50 with a huge six down the ground, just sensational.

4th over - New Zealand 47/0 Guptill 4 (10) Munro 36 (14)

Chris Jordan into the attack and beats Munro with a great slow ball first up, completely fooled him...New Zealand cautiously playing Jordan, as they seem just happy to work him for singles...Munro picks the slower ball of the final delivery of the over and launches him down the ground for six runs, great finish.

3rd over - New Zealand 37/0 Guptill 2 (8) Munro 29 (10)

Willey starts poorly and concedes four leg-byes...Follows up with a goody to Guptill, he's doing a great job in keeping the opener in check...Guptill struggling to get one away and can only find the fielder for no run on the last ball.

2nd over - New Zealand 30/0 Guptill 1 (3) Munro 28 (9)

Tom Curran will share with new ball with David Willey...Wow, similar to his shot in the first over, Munro sits back and launches Curran for a six on the legside...Munro launches the slower ball down the ground for MASSIVE six, incredible hitting....Munro finishes off another great over with four runs off the feet down the fine leg boundary.

1st over - New Zealand 13/0 Guptill 0 (1) Munro 12 (5)

Munro greets Willey with his first ball of his innings with a huge six on the legside! Wow, what a shot! Munro ducks down and whips it for a maxium on the legside! He's dynamite on the legside. Good start for the Kiwis.

8:45pm: Munro and Guptill now making their way to the middle and we're set for the chase!

8:36pm: Well, pretty good total that from the visitors. Morgan was in great form with the bat, and was supported well by his teammates. New Zealand don't HAVE to WIN to make the final, but do need to get close enough to have the superior run-rate. Blackcaps chase begins shortly.

20th over - England 194/7 Eoin Morgan 80 (46) Chris Jordan 6 (1)

Wicket: Dawson c Guptill b Boult 10 (3)

Boult to bowl the final over and they get Morgan off strike with just a single, great start...Wow, first ball for Dawson and he pulls it for a maximum off the hips...Third man is up and Dawson edges it over their heads for four runs...Finally he loses his wicket and it's that man again, Guptill who takes the catch on the off-side...Jordan facing the last ball, also his first and smashes it down the ground for a HUGE six!

19th over - England 176/6 Eoin Morgan 78 (44) Liam Dawson 0 (0)

Wicket: Willey c Guptill b Southee 10 (5)

Willey smokes Southee down the ground for four runs! Went through his hands but it was hit so hard! Southee comes back well and only concedes a single before a great yorker keeps Morgan humble with a dot ball...Willey goes back into his crease and launches the slower ball down the track for a one-bounce boundary...But it's all over now, cuts a wide one but can only find Guptill.

18th over - England 166/5 Eoin Morgan 77 (42) David Willey  1 (1)

Wicket: Billings b Boult 6 (8)

Boult's back to bowl his third over and Morgan toe bats it for a six down the ground! And more runs! Morgan inside edges one down fine leg for a boundary...And again! Moran comes down the track and smashes Boult down the ground for a huge six...Bowled 'em! Boult comes back well but it's Billings who he bowls, great ball! 

17th over - England 148/4 Sam Billings 6 (6) Eoin Morgan 60 (38)

Morgan's had enough and launces CDG for a huge six on the leg side, first boundary in 23 balls! Morgan on fire now, few singles between the pair and Morgan smokes another short ball for a maximum, great shot!

16th over - England 133/4 Sam Billings 5 (5) Eoin Morgan 46 (34)

Tim Southee returns and is keeping up the pressure New Zealand have asserted these last few overs...Blackcaps happy to just concede the singles and they do for the first five balls of the over...Last ball is pulled hard by Morgan but can only find Boult on the outfield for a single.

15th over - England 127/4 Sam Billings 2 (2) Eoin Morgan 43 (31)

De Grandhomme on now and England taking the cautious approach, and are happy to just pick up the singles...And another single off the pads of Grandomme finishes strongly with two dots balls. New Zealand pulling this back nicely.

14th over - England 123/4 Sam Billings 0 (0) Eoin Morgan 41 (27)

Wicket: Butler b Sodhi st Seifert 2 (5)

Sodhi returns and is doing a great job keeping the England batsmen honest...forcing fault shots galore and not conceding many runs...Got 'em! Sodhi bamboozles Butler and has the English keeper stumped! What a delivery, great flight!

13th over - England 120/3 Jos Butler 1 (3) Eoin Morgan 39 (23)

Wicket: Malan c Chapman b de Grandhomme 53 (36)

De Grandhomme returns and immediately makes the breakthrough! It's that man Malan and he departs after hitting straight down Chapman's throat down the Grandhomme doing well to tie the English batsmen down, just conceding singles.

12th over - England 117/2 Eoin Morgan 37 (21) Dawid Malan 53 (35)

Williamson persisting with spin as Sodhi comes on again...Sodhi bowls a huge full toss and Guptill takes the catch, but the delivery was above the waist and it's a no-ball! Not out...Free-hit and Malan absolutely smokes Sodhi for a huge six! And that's his 50 too, great knock this...Almost gets him on the return ball...A thick top edge and Seifert can't hold on!

11th over - England 106/2 Eoin Morgan 34 (18) Dawid Malan 46 (31)

Santner replaces Munro and is greeted with a beautiful reverse-sweep for four runs..And again, Morgan lofts another shot through the covers for another boundary...Wow, Morgan sweeps the next ball for another four before absolutely launching it into the crowd with another maximum. Great over for England.

10th over - England 85/2 Eoin Morgan 15 (13) Dawid Malan 46 (30)

Sodhi returns and Malan counter-attacks by hitting him for a massive six on the legside...Malan rotates the strike for a couple of balls before launching a HUGE maximum straight down the ground...Almost bowls him in the following ball! Inside edge just misses the stumps.

9th over - England 71/2 Eoin Morgan 14 (12) Dawid Malan 33 (25) 

Munro now to have bit of a bowl and starts with single down the ground...Malan comes down the track and smacks him the fence for a six and we have another Tui $50k catch! Incredible! Munro comes back well and finishes with a couple of singles.

8th over - England 60/2 Eoin Morgan 12 (10) Dawid Malan 24 (21) 

Ish Sodhi comes on for a bowl and immediately beats the man, beautifully bowled...Again Malan plays and misses, before attempting a slog and missing again! Sodhi all over Malan that over.

7th over - England 57/2 Eoin Morgan 12 (10) Dawid Malan 21 (15) 

Well, well well, Kane brings himself in! Two left-handers at the crease, so why not? Malan comes down the track second ball and smacks it high for a six! And again! Morgan this time. He launches Williamson down the ground for a maximum...Williamson finishes well with a couple of a singles.

6th over - England 41/2 Eoin Morgan 4 (7) Dawid Malan 13 (12) 

Southee replaces Boult, Williamson not afraid to rotate his bowlers. Starts with a slower ball for just a single...Southee bowling very staight and Malan rocks back and whacks it for one run...Another single, this time to Morgan, fourth of this over...Last two balls can't find the gap, no run.

5th over - England 37/2 Eoin Morgan 2 (5) Dawid Malan 11 (8) 

Colin de Grandhomme comes on for a bowl is greeted with two cuts shots for four runs by Malan, great timing...De Grandhomme changes his and it works, forcing a play and miss by Malan...Final ball is just whipped off the pads for a single.

4th over - England 27/2 Eoin Morgan1 (4) Dawid Malan 2 (3)

Wicket: Roy c Williamson b Boult 21 (13)

Got 'em! Like for like the Hales wicket and Roy goes for one too many and he holes out to the skipper! Double breakthrough for New Zealand! Boult ends the over with just a few singes, great stuff by the hosts. 

3rd over - England 24/1 Jason Roy 21 (12) Dawid Malan 0 (1)

Wicket: Hales c Williamson b Southee 1 (4)

Southee replaces Boult and starts with two dots...Out! Southee has Hales caught at long-off. He tied him down with the previous two balls and tried to go big but could only pick out Williamson...Southee finishes with a dot. Great over by NZ.

2nd over - England 22/0 Jason Roy 20 (11) Alex Hales 1 (1)

Interesting, Santner will share the new ball. He's still the number one ranked T20 bowler in the world. Starts with a wide but comes back with two good balls for a couple of singles...Great Short! Roy reverse sweeps the shot over the fielders for four runs...And again! Roy rocks back and pulls the short one for another boundary...Comes back well does Santner with two dots.

1st over - England 11/0 Jason Roy 11 (6) Alex Hales 0 (0)

Third ball of the over and Roy steps back and whacks Boult down the ground for a huge six, great shot! Short again and Roy simply darts back and rolls the wrists for four runs. A single to finish. Good start for the visitors. 

6:59pm: Players now making their way to the middle, we're about to get underway! Jason Roy and Alex Hales opening for England.

6:39pm: We're about 20 minutes from the start of play. England skipper Eoin Morgan admits he would have bowled too, so should make for an exciting few opening overs.

6:34pm: Kane wins another! So news is, Mitch Santner returns and replaces Ben Wheeler. 

6:32pm: New Zealand have won the toss and will bowl

Hello and thank you for joining us for live updates from Hamilton's Seddon Park where New Zealand host England in Game 6 of the T20 Tri-Series.

The Blackcaps are coming off a stunning defeat at the hands of Australia, while England have yet to register a win in the series.

Both teams are a chance to qualify for the final at Eden Park, but it is the visitors who will have to overcome a net run-rate deficit with a huge win.

We will have the toss and teams news at around 6:30pm.


New Zealand 

Martin Guptill, Colin Munro, Kane Williamson (c), Mark Chapman, Ross Taylor, Colin De Grandhomme, Tim Seifert, Mitch Santner, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi, Trent Boult


Jason Roy, Alex Hales, Dawid Malan, Eoin Morgan, Jos Buttler, Sam Billings, Liam Dawson, David Willey, Adil Rashid, Chirs Jordan, Tom Curran

Match Officials

Umpires: Chris Brown (NZL)

TV umpire: Shaun Haig (NZL)

Reserve umpire: Wayne Knights (NZL)

Match referee: Javagal Srinath (IND)

TAB Odds

Head to head: New Zealand $1.87 England $1.87

Top run scorer NZL: Martin Guptill $3.75

Top run scorer ENG: Alex Hales $3.75