As it happened: Super Bowl LII - New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles


What a game! What a game..the most combined offfensive yards in the history of the playoffs...and only one turnover which was the key play of the game. What a great way to spend a Monday. That was awesome!. Thanks for your company...we will have a 30 second highlights package up in about a half-hour...but if you stroll through the text we have twitter links to all the scoring action thanks to NFL's twitter page.

Q4 00.00: That's it!!!! Game over. Brady with a maginficent hail mary was on as Gronk went up for it but he can't hold on among 7-8 defenders and that is it. The Eagles first ever Super Bowl win.

Q4 00.13: Brady finds Gronk on two consecutive passes. Pats are in hail mary pass from their own 48.

Q4 00.42: 4th & 10 and he finds Amondola for the first down..clock clicks down to .26 seconds. 78 yards to go.

Q4 00.48: 2nd & 10 - Incomplete.

Q4 00.55: The Pats have the ball on their own 9. Here we go! First pass incomplete.

Q4 1.05: And the young kicker drills it...right down the middle. The Pats needa TD and a 2-point conversion to force overtime.

Q4 1.09 No first down for the Eagles..they will attempt a field goal.

Two minute warning

The Eagles are 3rd & 4 - a first down will win them Super Bowl first down and they will look to kick a field goal which would give Brady about 90 seconds with no timeouts to attempt a miracle.

Q4 2.09: TURNOVER! The first of the game. Brandon Graham with the sack..the ball come loose and it's recovered by Barnett. That is just about it. The Pats have to force a stop and then they will have only seconds to produce something.

Q4 2.21: TOUCHDOWN EAGLES Zach Ertz with the key moment of the game. Some debate around the call but he broke the plane before he lost the ball. They go for two but it's no good. Here we go!

Q4 2.30: Eagles are at 3 & 7 on the Pats 11-yard line. I think they need a TD to win this game.

Q4 3.57: Big pass from Foles to Agholor on 2nd & 9 and the Eagles earn another 1st down. From the Patriots 43 and over the middle Foles throws to Agholor again and it's a huge gain for Philly. 25-yards. They are in field goal range now....but they will need a TD for sure as Brady is eating up their D. Injury timeout..a Pats DL is on the ground.

Foles in action.
Foles in action. Photo credit: Getty

Q4 4.53: Eagles on their own 47. With a full set of downs ... they need about 25-yards to get within field goal range.

Q4 5.25: And they get it! inches. Ertz with a jumping catch and he is just over the marker. That is a huge play.

Q4 6.13: Eagles can't convert on a 3rd down and now a big call by the offence with 1 yard to get and they will go for it

Q4 8.28: First down Eagles. Nice play..Good pass from Foles to Ertz he snaps up a low pass with a diving catch. Eagles up to their own 40.

Q4 9.17: The Eagles offence has had the answers all game but they have to come up with at least a field goal here or the game is probably gone...even then Brady is on fire that they need a TD just to go up by six. 3rd & 6 here for Foles.

Q4 9.22: TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS Rob Gronkowski off a fade route. Great floating pass from Brady and Gronk has his second TD off the game. And the extra point is good. The Pats have their first lead of the game.

Q4 10.05: Patriots 1st & goal. Touchdown is inevitable.

Q4 11.20: And Brady finds Amendola for the first down. Textbook. Next play the same combination and the Pats are all of a sudden on the eagles 18-yard line. Too easy.

Q4 12.35: Patriots moving the ball through the run here. Massive play coming up though. Pats at 3rd & 3 on the 44 yard line.

Q4 14.09 FIELD GOAL EAGLES Rookie kicker Jake Elliott nails a 42-yarder after a poor 3rd-down play lost the Eagles 8-yards. Six point ball game - that was a big stop from the Pats - their offence is looking hot and it's almost an expectation that Brady will roll down the field on the next set of downs.

End of the 3rd quarter

Here is one of the better Super Bowl ads we have seen oday.

Q3 1.09: Eagles chewing the Patriots defence with ease....three straight first downs has Philly on the Pats 24 yard-line.

Q3 3.18: Eagles rolling right off the back. Foles with a 24-yard pass to Nelson Agholor gets them on the front foot. 

Q3 3.23: TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS Chris Hogan pulls in a lovely pass from Brady who is closing in on 400 yards and has been near-perfect in the second-half. Both defences struggling to stop these two high powered offences. 3-point ball game.

Q3 3.35: Beautiful 20-yard pass from Brady to Danny Amendola and the Pats are within 25 of the Eagles goal line.

Q3 5.38: Brady rolling here. Patriots up into Eagles territory off the back of a 15-yard pass and a 10-yard penalty. 

Q3 7.05: Patriots get the ball back on their own 25.

Q3 7.13: TOUCHDOWN EAGLES Corey Clement with a nice running catch inside the end zone...great pass from Foles. The play is under review though as Clement may have had a foot out of bounds once he gathered the ball. The rulling on the field stands and the touchdown stands. Extra point is good.

Q3 9.05: Eagles playing some good old fashioned smash mouth football running at the Pats. 3rd & 1 and a play action pass from Foles to tight end Zach Ertz earns Philly the first down. The running game pays off. Eagles on the Pats 20.

Q3 11.20: 3rd & 6 and Foles comes through again as he finds Nelson Agholor who breaks a tackle to make it over the 1st down marker and the Eagles are rolling.

Q3 12.08: Eagles with the ball back on theor own 15-yard line after a penalty on the return which got out to the 30.

Q3 12.15: TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS - Rob Gronkowski is on the end of another Brady pass..What a professional drive from the Pats. Eight plays, 75 yards with four completions to the Gronk and the Pats are within a field goal just like that.

Brady and Gronkowski.
Brady and Gronkowski. Photo credit: Getty

Q3 13.17: The Brady/Gronk combo in play again - another 13 yards just like that - same play again and the Pats are within 5-yards.

Q3 14.50: 25-yard pass on second down frrom Brady to Gronk and the Pats are rolling. 1st & 10 on the 50. It's repeated on the next play and that's another 24-yards. Patriots into the Eagles red zone very quickly here.

Players back out on the field. Eagles to kick off through Jake Elliott and it's a touchback for the Pats so Brady will begin on the 25-yard line.


Fun fact - this is the first Super Bowl in history to go to halftime with score 22-12! New England will have the ball to resume the second-half shortly.

Halftime show in the books. JT was pretty good. That man can dance. Players should be back out in seven-minutes.

While JT rocks Minesota we here in the Newshub Sport office have done some scouting around the office and pretty much every journo is glued to their TV screens...watching the man most of them change the station after it but hey it least the Super bowl is getting some love.

Go Justin!
Go Justin! Photo credit: Getty

HALFTIME: Nothing comes of the final play of the half and the Patriots will play catchup for the second straight year. The deficit is only 10-points and Brady is never out of a game. Justin Timberlake time now. Will be back in 25 mins for the second half in Minnesota.

Q2 00.22 - Patriots with a final chance here with zero time outs remaining. Brady runs through a collapsed pocket and he runs for 9-yards...Spike and there is 3-seconds on the clock.

Nick Foles celebrates his touchdown reception.
Nick Foles celebrates his touchdown reception. Photo credit: Getty

Q2 00.34 - TOUCHDOWN EAGLES - Nick Foles with a recieving TD! Wow, Trick play - Direct snap to the running back...Lateral pass to tight end Trey Burton wi was a college QB and he finds Foles wide open..Extra point is good. What a play!!

Q2 00.38 - Great defence from the Patriots holds the eagles to five yards and they may have to settle for three here. They line up for the a shot at a touchdown. Yep they are going for it. 

Q2 00.55 - Screen pass from Foles to Corey Clement and he is away..he beats three defenders and he could go all the way...last ditch effort gets him down on the six-yard lne. 1st & goal for the Eagles with less than a minute to go.

Q2 Two minute warning - Eagles get the last shot at points here for the half. Nick Foles what have you got here bro.

Q2 2.04: TOUCHDOWN PATRIOTS: Running back James White right down the middle as the defence opens up and he breaks free from a last ditch effort to score a big touchdown just before halftime. Extra point is no good! Three-point game.

Q2 2.44: Huge play by Brady. From his own 30 he launches a bomb and Chris Hogan is wide open and it's a 43-yard completion. Pats 1st & 10 on the 32.

Q2 4.13: Massive holding call on 3rd down against the Eagles gets the Patriots out of trouble. Pass was incomplete but an Eagles defender is called for a hold  and the Pats get a fresh set of downs.

Q2 5.10: Interception! Foles throws long to Jeffery and he almost pulls in an outstanding catch but it bounces off the helmet of the saftey and Duron Harmon is there to pick up the scraps and complete the intercept on the Pats 4-yard line.

Q2 5.18: 3rd & 4 inside their own 20 after penalities and running back Jay Ajayi with a huge 30-yard run. poor defence up the middle from the Pats and the ever evasive Ajayi made them pay.

Q2 7.24: Eagles to get the ball back...1st & 10 on their own 25-yard line.

As it happened: Super Bowl LII - New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles
Photo credit: Getty

Q2 7.29: Stephen Gostowski adds three no problem from 38-yards...Pats within nine.

Q2 7.29: - 3rd and eight for the Pats and Brady can't complete a screen pass - no reciever there as he was under pressure from the defence. Pats will have a shot at three here.

Q2 8.30: 37-yard pass..wee more a scramble pass from Brady come off and the Pats go back on the attack on the first play of the drive. Missed the reciever sorry.

Q2 8:48: TOUCHDOWN EAGLES - Legarrette Blount with the 21-yard rushing TD. Huge hole opens up through the middle of the scrimmage and he carries two defenders over the plane. Eagles go for two on the conversion but can't complete.

Q2 8:54: 20-yard pass from Foles to Jeffery..another superb take from the receiver. Eagles 1st down on the Pats 24 yard line.

10:24: Another big third down throw by Nick Foles as they enter Pats territory. 

11:53: The Eagles will get the ball back on their 35-yard line. 

11:53: They go for it on fourth down and it is incomplete! Eagles ball. 

11:58: The Pats try a tick play which sees Amendola throw to Tom Brady for the first down, but he drops the ball! it is now fourth down. 

12:59: Time is off as Brandin Cooks is down after getting clocked in the head. Tom Brady is also getting looked at.... Cooks is off to the lockerroom. 

13:11: The punt goes over 40 yards and Danny Amendola takes the fair catch. 

13:16: The drive lasts less than a minute and now they will have to punt. 

14:13: The Eagles will start the drive on the 20-yard line. 

14:13: From 26-yards out and it is wide! No goal! 

14:55: The Eagles defence comes up with a huge play and the Pats will have to settle for a field goal. 

END OF FIRST QUARTER: New England will start the second quarter eight yards out from the end zone on third down. 

It was an exciting opening 15 minutes by both sides. 

1:30: Now the Pats come up with a big play on third down as Tom Brady finds Danny Amendola unmarked for a big gain. It looks like it was a 50-yard gain. 

2:30: The Patriots start their second drive on the 18-yard line... On the next play, they get pinned for a false start.  

2:32: The extra point goes wide. Will that come back to haunt the Eagles? 

2:34: TOUCHDOWN EAGLES: Nick Foles goes deep to Alshon Jeffery who leaps into the air to make the catch. Great pass, great catch, great play!
The 34-yard TD reception is the longest in Eagles Super Bowl history.

3:31: Former Patriot LeGarrette Blount makes a big break which puts the Eagles in Pats territory. It was a 36-yard run. 

4:14: Kenjon Barner returns the ball and the Eagles will start on the 23-yard line. 

4:17 FIELD GOAL PATRIOTS: Stephen Gostkowski ties things up with a 26-yard field goal.

It is the first time the Patriots have scored in the first quarter of their 10 Super Bowl appearances in the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era.

4:20: Brady throws for the end zone and it is battered down. The Pats will go for a field goal to tie things up. 

Brady on offence.
Brady on offence. Photo credit: Getty

6:13: Another first down for New England who are 15-yards from the end zone. 

7:04: The Eagles are penalised for having 12 defenders on the field. On the next play, the Pats make a gain of 28-yards and are on the cusp of the red zone. Great run by Chirs Hogan. 

7:55: Tom Brady starts the Patriots first drive on the 25-yard line. 

7:55: FIELD GOAL EAGLES: Jake Elliott with a easy field goal as the underdogs take the early lead. 

7:58: The Eagles go for it in the red zone on third down, but fail to convert. Foles tried to find Jeffery but the ball was battered away. The special teams unit is now on. 

8:29: Eagles hit with a five-yard penalty for a false start. 

9:40: The Eagles are now in the red-zone. 1st down and goal now. Massie run by Corey Clement.

11:30: The Eagles are now in Pats territory. 

12:30: Eagles are now on 3rd and 12 - Foles finds Torrey Smith for a gain of 15. Another big third down play. 

13:13: On third down, the Eagles manage to get the first down. Foles finds Alshon Jeffery for a 17-yard gain. 

KICKOFF: Here we go! The Patriots get us underway in Minneapolis. The Eagles run the ball back and Nick Foles will start the play on the 24-yard line. 

12:27 pm: New England wins the coin toss and they will kick to start.

12:24 pm: Offical hashtags for the match are  #SBLII #FlyEaglesFly #NotDone 

12:23 pm: The anthem is done, not long to go now! 

12:20 pm: P!nk is singing the national anthem.... I can't see anybody taking a knee for once. 

12:15 pm: 15 minutes until kickoff! Who is excited?? 

12:11 pm: Tom Brady has leads the Pats out to some Ozzy Osbourne blasting around the arena. 

12:10 pm: The Eagles are out on the field. They looked hyped and don't look nervous despite being underdogs. 

Pink belting out the anthem.
Pink belting out the anthem. Photo credit: Getty

12:20 pm: P!nk is singing the national anthem.... I can't see anybody taking a knee for once. 

12:15 pm: 15 minutes until kickoff! Who is excited?? 

12:11 pm: Tom Brady has leads the Pats out to some Ozzy Osbourne blasting around the arena. 

12:10 pm: The Eagles are out on the field. They looked hyped and don't look nervous despite being underdogs. 

Tom Brady leads the Patriots out.
Tom Brady leads the Patriots out. Photo credit: Getty
The Eagles head out into the field.
The Eagles head out into the field. Photo credit: Getty

12:23 pm: The anthem is done, not long to go now! 

12:20 pm: Pink is singing the national anthem.... I can't see anybody taking a knee for once. 

12:15 pm: 15 minutes until kickoff! Who is excited?? 

12:11 pm: Tom Brady has leads the Pats out to some Ozzy Osbourne blasting around the arena. 

12:10 pm: The Eagles are out on the field. They looked hyped and don't look nervous despite being underdogs. 

12:05 pm: The match has not even started yet, but the crowd is full of voice under the roof in Minneapolis.

12:00 pm: Both teams have had their warmups out on the field and are back in the lockerrooms. 

Hello and welcome to live updates of Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It is a rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX which was won by New England 24–21. The Patriots are the defending champions while the Eagles are competing in their third Super Bowl and looking for their first title.

We bring you live streaming written commentary, (be sure to refresh your browser) and all the action. Highlights will be available as soon as the final whistle goes.

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Pre-match banter: NFL Super Bowl LII preview, predictions: New England vs Philadelphia

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It's finally here.

The biggest sporting event in the Unites States returns as the dynasty that are the New England Patriots take on the unheralded Philadelphia Eagles at Super Bowl LII in Minnesota.

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New England Patriots O-line vs Philadelphia Eagles D-line

How much the Eagles' defensive line can disrupt Tom Brady at the line of scrimmage will play a huge role in the outcome of the game.

While they don't boast the number of sacks recorded by teams like the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia possess perhaps the greatest amount of depth at the spot.

As it happened: Super Bowl LII - New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles
Photo credit: Getty Images

They are a threat to any quarterback, with the likes of All-Pro defensive Fletcher Cox and Tim Jernigan charging up the middle, and Brandon Graham and Vinny Curry coming off the edge. That's not to mention Chris Long, Derek Barnett and Beau Allen, who can come in at any time and maintain the relentless intensity of the starters.

If Brady and the Patriots have had an Achilles' heel in the past, it's been their inability to deal with the pressure of the opposition's defensive line.

How the Patriots' offensive line deals with the Eagles upfront will go a big way in securing back-to-back championships for the franchise.

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