Parker vs Joshua: Eddie Hearn believes unification bout might spark heavyweight trilogy series

Anthony Joshua's promoter Eddie Hearn is confident that his fighter's upcoming bout against Joseph Parker could be the start of a special and fierce rivalry in heavyweight boxing.

The fight will take place at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on April 1 (NZ time) and will see Joshua and Parker put their IBF, WBA Super, IBO and WBO belts and unbeaten records on the line.

Parker is expected to pocket between 30 and 35 percent of the overall purse for the fight, but if he wins there is a rematch clause that Joshua can exercise.

If Joshua exercises the clause, Parker would then receive 55 percent of the purse in the rematch.

It will also give the power to Parker's promoters, Duco Events, to try to negotiate their own terms and their own rematch clause. But if Parker loses, there is no rematch clause.

Speaking to Andrew Gourdie and Jim Kayes on RadioLIVE's Sunday Sport, Hearn said if Parker wins it will create a world of opportunities for the Kiwi fighter, including more rematches in the future.

"The biggest fight in world boxing would be the rematch," Hearn told RadioLIVE.

Eddie Hearn.
Eddie Hearn. Photo credit: Getty Images

"If Parker can win the fight but it opens up so many doors for Parker, Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, whoever, but right now this is the biggest heavyweight fight out there and who knows there could be a Joshua vs Parker I, II, III, who knows.

"I don't think anybody is looking past this fight, from any camp, so if Parker is to win he becomes a huge star and we are in the business of working with huge stars, but Anthony Joshua is our guy and for me, there is only one winner of March 31."

If Parker does defy the odds and beats Joshua convincingly, Hearn believes the Kiwi will become "the biggest star in world boxing".

"I said in the build-up to this fight this is another reason why it's so dangerous… Anthony Joshua, in my opinion, is the biggest star in world boxing and if Parker beats him he becomes the biggest star in world boxing.

"Because he would be holding four of the heavyweight belts and he would have just beaten the man.

"Trust me when I say when you see the spectacle on March 31 [April 1 NZ time] and the platform, the production and atmosphere - all these things will turn Joseph Parker into a star if he can dethrone Joshua.

"That in itself is a risk and that in itself is a worry to us, because we know what Joseph Parker is fighting for - he is fighting to change his life.

"The fight itself and the money itself will change his life forever. He is setting up a legacy and making his family for generally financially secure. But I also get the impression that is not why he is here - he is here to compete and win and to become the man.

"Pitching him against Joshua makes Joseph Parker one of the biggest sporting stars in the world and that's the world, not just New Zealand. So there is everything to fight for here.

Parker vs Joshua: Eddie Hearn believes unification bout might spark heavyweight trilogy series

"It's not like Joshua is just protecting his belts, but he is protecting his position as the biggest star in world boxing and Parker has the opportunity to do that."

The 28-year-old Joshua heads into the fight as the big favourite to reign supreme in the ring. Heading into the fight as a clear favourite does come with pressure however, and Hearn admits he is feeling the nerves as the fight draws closer.

"I'm very excited about the fight, but I'm a little nervous as well and that's good because you want to feel like that, I'm a promoter and fans as well and I'm excited to be at the event.

"I think both guys are two, young, undefeated, fast, big-punching, fearless heavyweight, so I think they're going to let their hands go.

"We know that Anthony Joshua always likes to be in a fight, he always lets his hands go, when he smells blood he pounces.

"I think that's in Joseph as well, I don't think he's done it in the last few fights and I think Kevin Barry eluded to that at the press conference that he wants him to let his hands go more in this fight, so I think they're going to go at it."

Despite all the nerves, Hearn is highly confident Joshua can get the job done, by dropping Parker to the canvas for the first time in his career.

"I think when you got two guys the size of them, with the speed and the power, I can't see it going the distance.

"Why I say five to eight because I give Joseph Parker credit for being extremely tough and if the rumours of his granite chin are correct then it might take AJ a little bit more time to break him down but in heavyweight boxing anything is possible.

"This fight can end in the first round or the twelfth round, but my prediction remains the same, I believe Anthony Joshua will be victorious on March 31."


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