Parker vs Joshua: Kevin Barry compares Kiwi fighter to David Tua

Joseph Parker's trainer Kevin Barry has compared his fighter to former heavyweight champion David Tua as preparation ramps up for his fight against Anthony Joshua.

The 26-year-old will face Joshua in Cardiff in a unification bout for Parker's WBO title, and the Brit's IBF and WBA crowns on April 1 (NZT).

The 58-year-old Barry managed and trained the "Tuaman" up until 2003, before their relationship soured, eventually resulting in a lawsuit.

But before the controversy, Barry and Tua took boxing by storm in the 1990s, winning the WBC and IBF Intercontinental titles and setting up a winner-takes-all unification fight with Lennox Lewis

Speaking to Sky Sports UK, Barry said both Tua and Parker have similarities, despite their height difference.

"They both have strengths," Barry told Sky Sports UK.

"Joseph is one of the quickest heavyweights in the world, David Tua, at 5.9ft and a half was very powerful - had uncommon punching power, Joe's got uncommon hand speed."

"Joe is a stylist, a very technical fighter, a very skilful fighter - can throw nearly every single punch in the book. David Tua relied on walking opponents down and trying to catch them with his big hook."

Ironically, members of the British public and media, including Joshua himself have made comparisons to Lewis.

But Barry believes people need to pump the brakes quickly with that comparison.

"It's a little early for Anthony to be saying that he is like Lennox Lewis.

"Lennox Lewis is a great fighter and the best fighter of his generation and I think he is one of best half-dozen heavyweights there ever was.

"Joshua has a long way to go before he can compare himself with the class of Lennox Lewis."