Tui Catch a Million winner Rudi Bosman reveals what he will spend $50k on

Cricket fan Rudi Bosman has revealed what he will be spending his $50,000 on after becoming the third Kiwi to claim the Tui Catch a Million prize this summer.

The South African-born Bosman made a superb one-handed catch during the Blackcaps' two-run loss to England on Sunday at Hamilton's Seddon Park.

In the ninth over of England's innings, Dawid Malan slammed part-time bowler Colin Munro for six, and the ball landed perfectly in Bosman's right hand as he stood tall on the grass hill.

Speaking to The AM Show the morning after the life-changing catch, Bosman admitted he was going to be sensible with the money.

"I'll pay off some of the debt and put some towards a house deposit - it will definitely help us get us there. I think that's the sensible thing to do.

"The missus was pretty happy. She is on her way to visit family in South Africa so I said, 'You can have some spending money.'

"I couldn't believe it actually stuck. I was just high-fiving and surprisingly everyone was supporting you, I don't know how real they were because they were all going for the ball I guess but I'm very happy and over the moon."

Bosman had a feeling the ball was going to be heading in his direction when saw who was bowling, and his prediction was right on the money.

"We were sitting on the bank and I see Colin Munro is coming to bowl, and no disrespect, I told the boys that he going to bowl down short, there are two lefties and it might come our way.

"Next thing I know, off the bat and it's coming straight towards us, and sitting on one of those low beach chairs I had to get up pretty quick and it just stuck in the hand."

With six more games left, Bosman offered some advice on how others can try cash in.

"So it's about picking the right spot and watching the ball, that's my best advice.

"The teammates I went with didn't actually have a shirt on, so I told them that they will be my blockers and to make sure I don't get interfered with."

Bosman joins university student Mitchell Grimstone and Dunedin builder Craig Dougherty who have pocketed $50,000 during this summer of cricket.

The next opportunity to try cash in will be on Wednesday, when the Blackcaps host Australia in the tri-series final at Eden Park in Auckland.