Tui Catch a Million winner speaks out after epic $50k catch

Tui Catch a Million winner speaks out after epic $50k catch
Photo credit: Newshub.

The Blackcaps might be copping bad press after dropping some crucial catches during Friday's T20 clash against Australia, but there's one person who's being praised for his impressive skills.

When Mitch Grimstone rocked up to the cricket with his mates he wasn't expecting to win one of cricket's fiercest competitions.

The Tui Catch a Million promotion offers fans a chance to win $50,000 if they can make a catch with one hand.

The 20-year-old, who's right handed, caught it with his left after it was slugged over the boundary by Ross Taylor.

"As it was coming through the air, it was coming towards me and I was like, 'Yeah this is on,'" he says. "And it went and it stuck.

"It didn't make any sense... was just like, 'I'm pretty sure I've just won $50,000.'"

Some might say it was luck, but Mr Grimstone likes to think it was years of practice and some strategy.

"We thought about left-handers and right-handers in each team and who's going to be more likely to hit sixes in each team and then position ourselves," he said.

As well as the $50,000, Mr Grimstone was also gifted the ball he caught by the man whose bat made it happen.

After originally joking about spending the money unwisely he's now putting a bit more thought into it.

"Fifty-thousand dollars is a lot of money so I've got to obviously not blow it, be smart about it," said Mr Grimstone.

Considering he's is studying accounting at university there's a fair chance he will be.