Enraged Richardson brands Aussie cricket captain 'filthy hypocrite' in fiery rant

  • 22/03/2018

Australian cricket captain Steve Smith has drawn the disgust of AM Show host Mark Richardson.

The former Black Caps opener was beside himself on Thursday's show, labelling him a "filthy hypocrite" for his comments regarding South African quick Kagiso Rabada.

Rabada had his two-test ban for unsportsmanlike conduct lifted by the ICC on Tuesday (NZT), after it agreed that his mid-pitch bump of Smith during the second test wasn't deliberate.

That decision drew an immediate backlash from the Australian, who was outspoken in his criticism of the reversal.

"When you've got someone out you've already won the battle. There's no need to go over the top," Smith told media ahead of the third test,

"On that occasion I was walking down the other end of the wicket so I certainly didn't change my line or anything."

A clearly enraged Richardson struggled to keep his focus through the remainder of his bulletin as he processed what he'd just heard.

"How many of your players give send-offs?" Richardson exclaimed in between stories.

Smith's side have developed a well-documented reputation for habitually crossing the line with their post-wicket celebrations.

"That grab from Steve Smith just illustrates why the world cannot stand Australian cricketers at all," continued Richardson, as he turned to co-host Duncan Garner.

"That made my blood boil, listening to that. He really did. He just doesn't realise how much of a hypocrite him and his team are."

Garner lobbed him one final volley.

"He's not very likable, is he?" Garner asked Richardson.

"No, no he's not."