As it happened: Super Rugby - Crusaders vs Stormers

The Crusaders are looking to continue their run of wins against the Stormers.
The Crusaders are looking to continue their run of wins against the Stormers. Photo credit: Photosport

FULLTIME: CRUSADERS 45 STORMERS 28: Well, great fight back by the visitors but the Crusaders were just too good in the end. Great game with plenty of action with the players on both sides clearly feeling the effects of a fast-paced match. Thanks for joining us.

80mins: De Allende charges hard at the line and makes good ground. Stormers win penalty as the Crusaders are offside and they'll go for the lineout. They go short and will drive it towards the tryline. They're just a few metres out and Phillips could be over! They'll check it upstairs. He took the quick-tap from the penalty. It's no try and the Stormers win the penalty for another offside as Harmon is yellow carded. The ball is ripped away by Havili and the Crusaders kick it out to end the game. 

78mins: Oh no, Mo'unga in a bit of trouble. He seems OK but looks very upset as he walks off. Potentially very worrying signs there. Stormers kick it deep and the Crusaders still very keen to throw it around. Stormers win the penalty, great work by Phillips at the ruck.

75mins: STORMERS TRY - KITSHOFF: Stormers rumbling it up through their forwards. They finally go out wide but Senatla's pass to Leyds is a poor one and the first-five fumbles it into touch. Stormers win the Crusaders lineout and more of the same continues. De Allende with another strong run and the Stormers are getting close. Notshe takes the tap off the penalty and is stopped just short. Kitshoff is over! The big ginger prop bumps off a would-be tackler and just manages to touch the goal-post padding for the try. Conversion is good.

72mins: And another penalty for the Crusaders. It's absolutely killed the Stormers earlier momentum. The Crusaders win the lineout and Tamanivalu finds some space. They really taking it to the Stormers. Wiese smashes Hunt after a poor pass from Mo'unga. And Bridge saves a certain try! Van Dyk looked to have been away for the try after an intercept but his pass to support is patted back by Bridge.

69mins: CRUSADERS TRY - MO'UNGA: Notshe takes it off the back of the scrum and the Stormers look to drive it up. Marais puts in an average touch finder and the Crusaders have the lineout inside Stormers 40m. They win the penalty off the back off another great maul. They want some more so they kick it out for another lineout and probably drive. They're marching it forward and Mo'unga is over! The first-five looked to have been well contained, but a huge step inside opens a ton of room and he leaves the Stormers players for dead as he dives over. He converts his own try.

66mins: And yet another penalty to the Crusaders. Notshe penalised for leaving his feet at the ruck. Crusaders are keen to maul it and who can blame them after the previous one. They go out wide and Havili finds Matele who is contained well by a scrambling Stormers defence. Crusaders eventually knock-on and the Stormers will have the put-in.

63mins: CRUSADERS TRY - TAMANIVALU: Crusaders win the penalty and they will go for touch. Very kickable but they want tries. Barrett wins the lineout and the Crusaders maul. They're demolishing the Stormers forwards and win the advantage before Hall gives it to Mo'unga who finds Tamanivalu who steps inside a couple of players to score an easy try. Conversion is over.

60mins: Crusaders somehow win the ball from the lineout. Samuels almosts intercepts the ball! Phew, that was close! Instead he can't hang on and the Crusaders will packdown for the scrum. They go left and Tamanivalu finds some space down the left. Stormers manage to get their hands on it but knock-on. Another scrum. 

57mins: Marais kicks it deep to Mo'unga who runs it out and somehow the ball stays infield. Crusaders looking a little lost at the moment as the Stormers knock-on. The Crusaders again drop the ball but it goes backwards. They win the penalty for a high tackle and some relief finally.

54mins: STORMERS TRY - SCHICKERLING Stormers begin to drive off their own lineout and begin to attack. De Allende makes another strong run before Leyds is tackled well by Goodhue. Stormers keeping possession well but not going anywhere in a hurry. Marais steps and finds a bit of space. They're getting closer and they're over! Over 20 phases that and Schickerling is over for the try. It was simple as they took it up through the fatties before the lock got the pass from his halfback and spins his way over for the try. Conversion is good and they're back in it!

51mins: Oh wow, the Stormers steal the ball and they win the penalty shortly after for a high shot. News is du Toit has a concussion and won't play any further part. Huge loss that. Alaalatoa could be in trouble for a high tackle, they're checking with the TMO. Just the penalty. Sensible. Crsuaders steal the lineout and breakout down the left. Stormers scrable well and turn it over! Wiese is through! The big loosie finds empty field and just can't link up with a teammate, almost went over himself. The ball hit the deck and the Crusaders clear it.

48mins: They somehow win the lineout after a few bobbles. They keeping it tight as they look to attack through the big boys. The Stormers are building nicely as Marais finds Kolisi who makes good ground. The Crusaders intercept the ball through Harmon and then win the penalty. Crusaders kick for touch and will have the lineout.

45mins: Stormers want more and look to attack from their own 22m. It looked promising but the spill the pill and the Crusaders win the scrum. Stormers win another penalty at the scrum! Well, if there's any battles being won by the visitors it's at the scrum. Marais send it deep and they'll have the lineout deep into Crusaders half.

42mins: STORMERS TRY - LOUW: And we're underway for the second-half and the Stormers are hot on the Crusaders tryline already! Kolisi found space and broke out but was just cut down short of the line. And they're over! They rumble it through their forwards and it's the other prop's turn! Louw is massive man and he's too big to stop so close out. Can they build on this? Marais nail the conversion.

HALFTIME: CRUSADERS 31 STORMERS 7: Wow, that was an incredbile first-half of footy. The Crusaders are all over the South Africans and it doesn't look like letting up. Stormers really are struggling to get into the pace of the game. Can they comeback in the second-half? We'll find out shortly.

40mins: CRUSADERS TRY - BRIDGE: Stormers win the lineout and now march it towards the tryline. they lose it and the Crusaders have it! They're hot on attack now as Havili finds some open field. Goodhue puts a grubber kick through and a Stormers error ends with Bridge picking it up and going over for the try. Brilliant by the Crusaders but that's extremely poor by the Stormers.

38mins: Stormers put up the box-kick and Bridge takes the catch extremely well but put a foot into touch. It's a poor throw from Samuels and the Crusaders have it. Mo'unga looked to have put Havili clean through on the right but the pass was forward. Stormers putting some real heat come scrumtime and win the penalty. They'll have the lineout on the Crusaders 22m.

35mins: Stormers put the ball up high and it takes an odd bounce before Havili is flung to the ground. Samuels steals it back for the Stormers before putting boot to ball and the favour is returned by Mo'unga. Stormers to throw into the lineout on their own 40m.

32mins: STORMERS TRY - VAN RENSBURG: Stormers players are puffing hard and you can't blame them, it's been non-stop. The Stormers win the penalty at the scrum after a great second shove. Stormers win the lineout and de Allende takes it up. He gets it again and makes a bit of ground. Stormers just a few metres out from the tryline as du Toit goes close. They're keeping it in close quarters. Louw is very close! And it's his prop partner van Rensburg who scores it! It was just a simple pick and go from the ruck and he's too big that far out. Marais converts.

29mins: And the Crusaders steal another lineout, wow. But they concede another penalty and Marais finds touch. They win a lineout! Stormers kick it downfield and the Crusaders mount an attack. Stormers get it back and Leyds is through! Great tackle keeps him from going any further and the Stormers continue their attack. They're not going anywhere and eventually lose it but Havili can only take it into touch.

26mins: Finally a stoppage in play occurs as Taufua heads to the sideline for what looks like a blood replacement. The Crusaders have the put-in to the scrum around halfway. They go left and Havili is tackled well. Mo'unga puts the kick cross field and it's a funny bounce! It goes into the in goal and The Stormers win the penalty. They were very lucky to get away with that. They kick to touch for the lineout.

23mins: Stormers now mount an attack through Leyds and Louw, they're making some good ground on the Crusaders defence. Tamanivalu saves the day as he pats an attempted long pass from the Stormers back to his side. Crusaders clear it sort of, and the Stormers have the lineout on the Crusaders 22m. They finally win one but the Crusaders counter-ruck and they clear once again. 

20mins: CRUSADERS TRY - HALL: And more of the same from the Crusaders as Samu goes right through! The big ranging loose forward finds Taufua on his inside before he gives it to Hall who races away for an easy try. Oh boy, this is ugly for the Stormers. Easy conversion is good and wow, Cruaders with an incredible lead already.

17mins: CRUSADERS TRY - HARMON: Crusaders win the lineout and they work it through their forwards. They're edging closer and Harmon is over! Mo'unga got the ball out wide, found Goodhue who in returns goes inside to Harmon. Really so easy for the Crusaders. Stormers are in all sorts at the moment. Could be in for a long night. Conversion is good from Mo'unga.

14mins: Crusaders happy to work the ball upfield through their forwards before kicking it away. Stormers now in possession around halfway, they need to respond. Rhule does an NFL-like 360 spin and breaks the line! But his pass is poor and can only find Samu who drops it! Stormers back on attack and De Allende goes close. They cough it up just 5 metres out and the Crusaders breakout and they win the penalty around halfway.

11mins: CRUSADERS TRY - TAYLOR: Oh my, Crusaders steal another lineout but they cough it up right after. Stormers clear it and put it out. Crusaders win their own lineout before Mo'unga takes a few Stormers tacklers for a ride. Codie Taylor is through for a try! Bridge finds Mo'unga before he gives it to Taylor who's too strong for Senatla on the left wing. Try time! Mo'unga nails the conversion from out wide.

9mins: Crusaders lose the ball in their own 22m and the Stormers are hot on attack now! Senatla almost goes through but the pass after finds du Toit who spills the pill and the Crusaders clear it deep downfield.

7mins: CRUSADERS TRY - BRIDGE: Crusaders win the freekick and Taufua goes close! Crusaders go out wide left and Goodhue throws a huge pass to the Bridge who dives over in the corner. Great ball from Goodhue. All too easy for the Crusaders really. Conversion is missed by Mo'unga as it hits the post.

5mins: Crusaders building nicely and are fast approaching the tryline. Taylor is met hard before Bridge finds some space. Goodhue almost goes right through but is tackled just short! Crusaders win the penalty and it's right infront of the goal posts but they call the scrum!

3mins: First scrum of the game and it's quite an even contest. Stormers get it back and go through their forwards before kicking it into touch. Crusaders with great field position, lineout on the 22m.

1mins: Mo'unga takes it from the kick-off and immediately sends it into touch. Crusaders steal the Stormers lineout and start their attack from their own 40m. Havili finds a bit of space and the home side are steadily marching towards the Crusaders tryline. Crotty has Tamanivalu outside with nobody in front of him but the pass is a poor one and it finds touch. 

7:35pm: Now the Stormers make their way out! The visitors will be kicking-off and we're underway!

7:33pm: The Crusaders coming out first led by Sam Whitelock. We're almost ready to go!

7:28pm: The Stormers have promsied to be physical so we'll see how that works out for them. They are without big Eben Etzebeth and first-five Damian Willemse while the Crusaders are Matt Todd-less. 

7:20pm: It's a beautiful evening in Christchurch! The Crusaders are coming off a pretty comfortable win over the Chiefs while the Stormers threw away an opportunity to beat the Waratahs last week.

Hello and welcome to live updates of the Crusaders hosting the Stormers at AMI Stadium in round three of Super Rugby.

The reigning champions kicked-off their title defence with a big win over the Chiefs last weekend, while the Stormers fell to the Waratahs in Sydney.

The visitors will be without the services of first-five Damian Willemse, with regular outside back Dillyn Leyds taking his place.

They have also not beaten the Crusaders in their previous five attempts, with their last meeting a 57-24 thrashing in Christchurch.

We bring you live streaming written commentary, video highlights (be sure to refresh your browser) and all the action. 

Commentary will start from around 7:20 pm (NZT).



15. David Havili, 14. Seta Tamanivalu, 13. Jack Goodhue, 12. Ryan Crotty, 11. George Bridge, 10. Richie Mo’unga, 9. Bryn Hall, 8. Jordan Taufua, 7. Billy Harmon, 6. Peter Samu, 5. Sam Whitelock (c), 4. Scott Barrett, 3. Michael Alaalatoa, 2. Codie Taylor, 1. Wyatt Crockett.

Replacements: 16. Andrew Makalio, 17. Chris King, 18. Oliver Jager, 19. Luke Romano, 20. Heiden Bedwell-Curtis, 21. Mitchell Drummond, 22. Mitchell Hunt, 23. Manasa Mataele


15 SP Marais, 14 Seabelo Senatla, 13 EW Viljoen, 12 Damian de Allende, 11 Raymond Rhule, 10 Dillyn Leyds, 9 Dewaldt Duvenage, 8 Nizaam Carr, 7 Cobus Wiese, 6 Siya Kolisi (captain), 5 Pieter-Steph du Toit, 4 JD Schickerling, 3 Wilco Louw, 2 Ramone Samuels, 1 JC Janse van Rensburg.

Replacements: 16 Dean Muir, 17 Steven Kitshoff, 18 Carlu Sadie, 19 Jan de Klerk, 20 Sikhumbuzo Notshe, 21 Kobus van Dyk, 22 Justin Phillips, 23 George Whitehead.

Previous results:
22/04/2017 Crusaders 57 Stormers 24 Christchurch
08/03/2014 Crusaders 14 Stormers 13 Christchurch
30/03/2013 Crusaders 19 Stormers 14 Cape Town
14/04/2012 Crusaders 31 Stormers 24 Christchurch
02/07/2011 Crusaders 29 Stormers 10 Cape Town

Match Officials
Referee: Nic Berry (Australia)
Assistant Ref 1: Jamie Nutbrown (New Zealand)
Assistant Ref 2: Cam Stone (New Zealand)
TMO: Shane McDermott (New Zealand)

Head-to-head: Crusaders $1.06 Stormers $8.50

Pre-match banter: Todd adds to Crusaders' injury woes

Matt Todd has joined several fellow All Blacks in the Crusaders' injury ward ahead of Saturday's clash with the Stormers.

The 13-Test Todd suffered a small fracture in his thumb in last week's 45-23 win over the Chiefs and is likely to sit out the next few Super Rugby games.

However coach Scott Robertson said Todd would likely spend fewer than six weeks on the sidelines, where he'll join Test regulars including Kieran Read, Israel Dagg and first-choice props Joe Moody and Owen Franks.

Billy Harmon will pull on the No.7 jumper in his place.

"It's not as bad as a six-weeker, we're hoping - we'll know more next Monday.

It's a great chance for Billy to come in and start, he was exceptional off the bench last week," Robertson told reporters on Wednesday.

"Matt, he just came off (last week) and said his thumb was sore - the doctor X-rayed it and he had a broken thumb.

"It's a bit of a shame because he was in great form."

In the only other change to the starting XV which thumped the Chiefs, Scott Barrett has earned a second-row berth ahead of Luke Romano.

Capped 31 times, Romano will make his 100th Super appearance from the pine.

"Luke's an incredibly giving bloke, a real ideas man," Robertson said.

"He's big, strong, a little bit old school in the way he plays but new school in the way he thinks, always challenging me around how we can do things better."

Elsewhere, the Crusaders backline remains unchanged, with David Havili at fullback, the fearsome combination of Jack Goodhue and Ryan Crotty in midfield and Richie Mo'unga and Bryn Hall lining up in the halves.

Wyatt Crockett - who announced on Tuesday that 2018 would be his final year at the franchise - starts up front alongside Codie Taylor and Michael Alaalatoa.

Robertson expected a tough challenge from the Cape Town-based Stormers, who can call upon Springoks including Siya Kolisi and Pieter-Steph du Toit.

Giant lock Eben Etzebeth, however, will sit out the fixture injured.

The Stormers lost to the Waratahs 34-27 last weekend.

"They've got big men, an internationally-experienced forward pack and they're quality, playing good footy," Robertson said.

"It's really important we keep our rhythm and momentum, a bit of consistency."