Steven Adams cops knee to the groin from former teammate in Thunder win

Kiwi NBA star Steven Adams has been left in agonising pain once again after coping another knee to the groin, this time by former teammate Serge Ibaka on Monday morning (NZT).

During the third quarter, Ibaka was attacking the basket when he jumped into the air and his knee made contact with Adams' 'family jewels', sending the 24-year-old crumpling to the ground.

Ibaka tried to console his old mate, but Adams appeared to push him aside as he hobbled to the sideline.

"It's an everyday thing, it happens every year," Adams joked after the match.

He was then asked why it happens all time.

"It's the way I play defence. Unfortunately, Serge is not the most coordinated guy. So he ended up, yeah, old mate. What a d***"

This is far from the first time Adams has taken a shot to the goolies during his NBA career, most famously from Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green two seasons ago.

Adams went to the locker room for a brief period, before returning in the fourth quarter to help the Thunder beat Toronto 132-125 in Canada.

The Rotorua-born centre finished strongly with 25 points, eight rebounds, four assists and a steal.