Commonwealth Games chairman Peter Beattie makes another on-air gaffe

Things have just got a little worse for new Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) chairman Peter Beattie.

Last month, Beattie was heavily ridiculed for failing to name Cronulla as the Sharks, despite labelling himself a lifelong rugby league fan.

Questioned in an interview with Channel Nine's Phil Gould, the former Queensland Premier couldn't answer if the 2016 NRL champions were known as the Sharks, Hawks or Seagulls.

And deja vu hit Beattie on Monday morning when he appeared on Nine's Today Show in his role as chairman of the Commonwealth Games.

Beattie was on air, answering questions surrounding the contentious scenes at the event's closing ceremony on the Gold Coast Sunday night.

As the interview was wrapping, Beattie called over a young boy behind him to say hello to host Karl Stefanovic.

"Obviously you're a Knights supporter," Beattie said, unaware the shirt the boy was wearing was actually that of European football giant, Barcelona FC.

Barcelona (left), Newcastle Knights (right).
Barcelona (left), Newcastle Knights (right). Photo credit: Getty

Stefanovic corrected Beattie and sarcastically added, "Peter Beattie on top of sports" - which got a rise out of his co-hosts.

"Yes the Newcastle Knights doing very well in the European league this year," Stefanovic said.

Beattie didn't seem to notice his gaffe.


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